The Wise Indian Bride Should…

The Wise Indian Bride Should…

From the minute details of the pre wedding shoot to the colour of the flowers at the grand reception, everything is a matter of concern for the bride. She is often seen managing everything from small to big,  so that her dream of the perfect wedding is not shattered.

People in India spend enormous amount of money to create the image of their dream wedding. More than trying to fulfil their own dreams, Indian wedding is more about creating the perfect picture in the minds of the guests and giving them more than what they expect. But, the truth is that  one doesn’t need to spend a bomb to get the perfect wedding in place. It’s important to spend money in a wise way so as to get the maximum out of the money one is investing in the wedding. There are a couple of things every Bride should keep in mind so that she doesn’t explode her budget for the wedding.

Don’t glue your eyes on the Manish Malhotra Lehenga :

Clothes for the main functions in the wedding cost a bomb and it’s sad that we wear them once and then forget about them. There are various places where you can go and can get almost the same or sometimes the exact copy of the lehenga. This will help you avoid the deep hole in your dad’s pocket. Places like Chandni Chowk and Frontier Bazaar have a varied collection of Indian outfits, inspired by high end designers. They are available at affordable prices .

Make way for Kundan instead of Polki :

These days , every bride desires to wear the big polki choker on her “ D Day”. But, lets be practical. There is hardly any difference between Kundan and Polki when seen by the naked eye. Also, the expensive Polki set has absolutely no value if put up for re-sale. Polk has no resale value which makes it a frivolous buy.  Not that one is expected to sell their wedding set until any excruciating circumstances occur. But, the important thing is if one can substitute it with a cheaper looking version without shelling out a bomb, then why not?

Know what you want :

From the day you get hitched, you should be on your toes. Research, Research and more research. Decor is a vital part of the wedding and you can actually save money if you just know what you want. Decorators tend to take advantage of the fact that the client is confused and unaware of the nitty gritty details like the kind of flowers, the material used for building the stage etc. It is very important to take everything on paper and get a contract for them to sign. Since, it’s an expensive affair, one should be completely aware and satisfied with the services and products.

The best investment is Food :

Compromise on everything but food. A good Indian palette is what every guest hopes for at an Indian Wedding . They might forget the decor and all the jazz, but they will never forget how bad the food was. So, your serious investment should be on the food caterer and make sure you hire the one with the best service .  It’s all about good hospitality and great food that we all indians crave for.

Your Dj is the soul of the party :

If that music is not making me move, the party is not a hit. Your choice of the DJ is one of the most important decisions you will take. One thing which attributes to a hit party is not the fancy light or the choice of flowers on the stage. It’s all about the music. If it’s not making them groove, the party will probably be a flop show.

Be wise with where you invest your time and money. Sometimes, even after spending shit loads of money, the result looks disappointing. So be wise and make sure your dream of the perfect wedding doesn’t get ruined just because you did not invest your money in the right direction.


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