Giving Education A New Twist – Geetanjali Khanna

Giving Education A New Twist – Geetanjali Khanna | Feministaa

A vision to improve the technology landscape of the Indian education industry, Geetanjali Khanna and her partner, Gaurav Krishna Barman, together with over 30 years of rich experience in the fields of Information Technology, Consumer Retail, Product Merchandising, Logistics, and Customer Excellence, came forward with the idea of Fastudent. Determined to enrich the education system as a whole, Fastudent, a brand promoted and marketed by EduVision Retail Technologies Pvt Ltd., claims to be India’s only complete education portal.

They provide students across all age groups with their daily academic needs. Widest range of education products and services are brought to you at your home while your kids can focus their energies into what is important – studies.

“Education has been core to me always and being a valedictorian, I know the academic supplies market in and out.”

Geetanjali Khanna always believed in the concept of creating self-assisted learners, where students decided for themselves what they need, without worrying for ‘how to get to it’. Parents and family around were supportive and the initial skepticism wore down once the brand took off.

“I just believed in the concept and kept converting every nonbeliever around us to be a believer”

Hiring workforce was a difficult task for her. Startups in India are still at nascent stage and the talent around takes time to acclimatize to high speed and full potential. The younger talent requires a lot of grooming time and the speed of the business does not allow rigid seasoned profiles to come in at a growth stage.

“Love what you do, and the motivation is never an issue”.

Taking a bold decision of quitting an easy living life to being what she is today, Geetanjali Khanna’s initial euphoria and superlative belief in the concept was strong enough for her to put on the blinkers and not notice the challenges.

“The comfort of an easy job, right from getting the work peripherals – Laptops, Electricity, printers, all at your beck and call, goes way in a blink and you have to work towards getting the working sphere right, before you even begin your workday. That’s multi-tasking to an altogether new level.”

Her day begins with some playtime with her baby and then exercising. The idea of changing the academic supplies market is so over empowering for her, that motivation is to its hilt. Fastudent is creating a phenomenal education brand which will empower the current education system without disrupting the existing stakeholders.

“If the clock is ticking for any family commitments, it becomes impossible for anyone to perform to their best”.

She believes family support is immensely important. Her family, especially her husband, have been a rock support in allowing her to pursue her dream. Right from shouldering home responsibilities to take turns to child’s school, her inner circle has been her biggest strength in this startup.

“Ambition and Being a good parent, have never been opposites to me. My mum has chalked out a beautiful career for herself while raising us up. I would love to spend more home hours with my family, and i am constantly working to conquer that balance.”

Geetanjali Khanna has broken a number of social taboos. She proved the society that being ambitious doesn’t mean failing at the family institution. She strongly believes in the joint family concept, and involving friends and neighbours in her inner circle.


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