Author Nandita Basu on The Underrated World of Comics in India

“If you have a story to tell, don’t let anybody stop you.” 

Inspired by the beautiful words of the creator of Tom & Jerry, Gene Deitch, Nandita Basu embarked on the journey to share her story with the world. The Piano: Story of a Friendship is a graphic novel authored by Nandita that traces the tropes of friendship and music.

This book is a part of the children’s literature however, the deep connotation that lies behind its simplistic text, extraordinary art and story line makes for an intriguing read.

Talking about the niche of the comic industry in India, Nandita, emphasizes on how aspiring comic artists can carve an ecosystem of readers for themselves by researching, accepting critique and adapting with the evolving world of literature.

She is an artist of principle who says that “Inspiration comes from deep within. There’s nobody who can inspire you or challenge your creativity.”

Watch the video to know more about the underrated world of comics in India!


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