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This Sister Duo from ‘Outhouse’ has Redefined the Indian Jewellery Market

This Sister Duo from ‘Outhouse’ has Redefined the Indian Jewellery Market

Sisterhood is a beautiful bond and being partners in business with your sister can be a tough decision for many. Sometimes, working with your family can  be  a big responsibility and can cause personal tensions as well.

For Kaabia and SashaFashion has been a guilty pleasure of a conversation between them since they were little. It comes to them like most girls, from their mother; who at an early age took them to her jeweller and made them fall in love with all things sparkly and before they knew it, they had their degrees in gemstones and diamond grading and were off to get their first jobs in the design world. After getting some hands on experience; , they both decided to start the label, “Outhouse” .

“We certainly love what we do and one of the reasons is because we get to do this together and with each other. It’s very reassuring to have someone else just as driven about the same thing. It helps to be together in it as it’s not easy taking charge single-handedly” says the founder

The duo has been listed in the Forbes List recently. This is an enormous achievement and a  boom for their label. Success comes with it’s unique set of responsibilities and expectations. Sasha believes that it’s all about consistency and having the ability to constantly outdo oneself which is exactly what they strive to achieve every time, with every season and every collection. For the duo, maintaining a certain standard and quality is of supreme importance and they work towards delivering just that.

These girls have worked hard towards transforming their childhood passion into a successful entrepreneurial venture. Today, in the Indian society, it’s hard for a woman to fight societal stereotypes and  it’s true that women do have to face more, fight harder.

“But we truly believe that nothing should stop us and if you keep working hard, you’ll get the fruit of your effort, whether you’re a man or a woman. Rather,  being a women has an advantage and women have the ability to adapt into environments with great ease and finesse and the world is starting to understand and accept it”, says Sasha Grewal

Outhouse has an exquisite collection of contemporary jewellery, something very new to the indian market. Initially, there was some hesitance from the customers as they are always used to buying expensive jewellery only from renowned jewellers. Being young has its advantages and it’s so important to take risks and that’s what they did by venturing into a whole new product category of luxury costume jewellery. For them, women were definitely hesitant in the beginning but there has been a complete trend shift and customers are more accepting towards purchasing luxury costume jewellery now. They analysed the trend shift from precious to costume jewellery; pushing and pitching their product to the audience and they took a good amount of time to see how it’s doing.

The Journey to the top was a rough Ride

The process of setting up their  business in a city completely unknown to them was like a mission . They both moved to Delhi from Ludhiana in order to set up the label “Outhouse” . It was a new city and business was a strange subject for us since neither of us are from a business background. Since we first started out, many things have changed but steadily and with ease – nothing happens over night. Our products, the quality, and our methods in order to achieve the right product at the right place at the right time at the right price.

Constant innovations and taking criticism from customers is a part of nay business . For outhouse as well, they had to create a border of exclusivity. They faced hurdles with many smaller brands duplicating their designs and selling them at low price points. Kabia says , “Initially,  we were disturbed by it but we constantly push the envelope of design with each collection. Each collection is well thought out and inspired with care and time spent into each piece. Our quality is unmatched and our creative process keeps us ahead”.

The Duo has some Advice

For any venture to be successful, all factors play key roles in any business – passion, USP and vision. “A goal, if set properly, is half the battle won”, says Sasha. The duo strongly believes that there’s no way all your steps are going to be right.

Most importantly, It’s essential to know what’s wrong before you deciding what’s right. Having said that, it’s even more essential to carefully analyze every opportunity – how does it help your business?


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