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An Open Letter To Karan Johar

An Open Letter To Karan Johar

How Ae Dil Hai Mushkil ruined my Diwali…

Dear Karan

I have never faced a storm of such kinds in one go, through one medium at one time. I went to watch your latest, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil this Diwali afternoon and the movie is there to stay on my mind for sometime now.

The film made me realize how easy it is to fall in love with someone and how hard it is to come out of it. Many have said this, and written about it; but your movie was the one that made me truly realize it.

I wonder what it takes to not only understand such complex emotions but also to show it on screen so aptly. I did get mixed reviews of the film, but strongly feel that if someone watches it with an open heart, it has the power to rip you off, cut through your feelings which you might have never acknowledged; at least once if not many times.

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The scene where Ranbir Kapoor walks at the Airport; in a Sherwani is where it all started. I remembered the feeling I got when I loved, confessed and I didn’t get what we all expect in return.

And the biggest question; why can’t I have that love? No matter how hard I try to become the ‘perfect person’ for that person, it’s love at the end of the day. If it has to happen it just will.. else it just wont.

I’m happy to say that it was your film, that made me realize this; which I’ve not only read about, but heard of from the maestros of emotions.

Alizeh’s character is one of the strongest female characters that I’ve come across. Staying true to her feelings till her last breath was completely commendable. I hope women outside reel life have the courage to do so.

I don’t know much about commercial success of films; but I hope to see such a matured outlook on a large screen more often. A film like this could trigger ignored thoughts and feelings; And somewhere I believe that leads to personal growth.

Thank You For Making This One.

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