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RING Founder Deane de Menezes on Menstruation & its Transgenerational Trauma

RING Founder Deane de Menezes on Menstruation & its Transgenerational Trauma

“No one should be left behind. It is a loss on our part as a society and as a country if we deny anyone an opportunity because of a normal body process.”

Out of 336 million menstruating people in India, only 36% have the luxury to use sanitary napkins. The price women pay to bleed in this capitalistic society is exhausting. It not only takes a toll on their emotional and physical condition but also financial and social standing. Period poverty is real and Red is the New Green (RING) is on a mission to eradicate it! RING Founder, Deane de Menzes talks about the severe impact of global pandemic on women and menstrual hygiene. With lack of income, livelihood and healthcare the primary goal of people was to access food. However, periods don’t stop during a pandemic. RING collaborated with various organisations to provide people and communities in need with food and menstrual products.

“It is very empowering when you talk about your experience. The minute you let someone speak and share their story, they feel seen and they feel heard.”

The first step to broach transgenerational menstrual trauma is to talk and let the older generation share their experience. Deane says that when people talk, they feel empowered and seen. So to understand and dismantle the underlying cause of menstrual taboos and myths that has been circulating among people for generations, one must believe in the power of dialogue and conversation.

Watch the video to know more about RING and how you can be an instrumental part in eradicating transgenerational menstrual trauma!


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