Joy To The World : Schweta Merchant

Joy To The World : Schweta Merchant

Youngest speaker on the TEDx TALK panel across the country, bagged the Award for ‘Youngest Social Entrepreneur, Surat’, Co-Chairman of GENNEXT South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, core member of an NGO PATHSHALA – promoter, editor and distributor of a youth magazine named “Youth Power – Igniting Young Minds”, conducted training programs for the Corporate Sectors, MNCs, Private Companies, Public Incorporations, Old Age Homes, Blind Schools, Mentally Challenged Students & Physically Handicapped, & engaged herself in abundant work for the Student community  across the Country – She is superwoman!

Schweta Merchant, Founder of Happy Minds, has been working as a Life Skill Trainer for 6 years through her venture which is empowering people by training them in soft skills, life skills and bringing them closer to the best version of themselves.

“The sole mission of my company is to transform lives. There is a massive gap between who we really are and what we truly want to become”

A dual specialist in Marketing and Retail from MIT Pune, Schweta has achieved a lot at a young age. This young entrepreneur is also a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner through American Board of NLP.

“I was always very focused on my actions. Being very goal-oriented, I did not bother much about what society had to say. I believe there is enough criticism around, what this World needs is more kindness. So if you can’t find one, be one”, says Schweta.

“My husband says – my wife doesn’t make hot phulkas for me and I am very happy about it cause she is going out there doing a much bigger job which is making a mass change in society.”

Her parents were very supportive of all her actions since her childhood. “My parents put immense trust in me which made me more responsible towards my action. The outcome was due to the will to always make them proud and never let them down. My husband and in-laws have been even more supportive”, recalls the founder.

Offering services like training, seminars and workshop sessions and events on positive parenting, entrepreneurial empowerment, confidence building, communication, home makers empowerment, corporate training, youth conferences, positive thinking sessions and many more, Merchant is passionate about introducing people to their inner happiness. From rigorous corporate training to more relaxed street play events, her stress is on empowering individual to search for positivity in his or her life.

“The most interesting part of our business model is that we are highly customer centric, we sell happiness which lies inside each of us, and not some product or commodity,” remarks Schweta, explaining her unique venture of selling happiness.

Managing more than 100 volunteers, she is the boss who takes fun seriously and ensures all employees are always happy, motivated and cheerful. Being at Surat, has not deterred her from reaching out to people across geographical boundaries.

“Inspiration is everywhere and it has to find YOU working. Wake up, dress up and show up-no matter what’, believes Schweta and is her message for the young aspiring entrepreneurs.

On speaking about education of girl child, she says ”Educating the families makes a difference. HappyMinds’ social initiative JAZBAA works particularly in rural areas to educate parents of girl daughter the importance of schooling. We conduct various programs for rural kids on skill development. We have been associated with various street schools to spread the awareness of girl child education as we understand this is the key to a massive social change.”

Awarded as the ‘Happiest Person in the City of Surat’ by Wonder Women Wing in 2016, she shares her mantra for happiness as following –

    1. Appreciate people, situations and God for every good/bad thing in life. If something good has happened, thanks others, if something bad has happened, take charge and make yourself for it.
    2. Leading a complaint-free and anger-free life. Zero complains – Looking at the brighter side of things. Being quiet, calm and composed, not reacting but responding to all situations.
    3. Do not expect anything from anyone except for the person you see in the mirror. Leading a life with zero expectation. Nobody is born on this planet to please you. Your happiness, your responsibility.
    4. Gratitude –  Mother of all virtues, keeping thanking people, situations and Lord for this beautiful experience of Life. Embrace little joys of life.
    5. Being Self-Disciplined, having a to-do list and a to-be list, doing self-introspection, always, making oneself smarter, stronger, better, healthier, happier and humbler. Constantly upgrading self.

Stress and anxiety is imbibed in lifestyle of working women today. Women usually get too preoccupied balancing a zillion roles, meeting expectations of all the family members. A lot of women get very frustrated and upset because of this and it impacts their personal lives and relations. On speaking about how should one deal with it, Schweta says, “This is a Global struggle. Entire human race is going through this. We need to pick and choose our priority. We need to stay in tune with our family.  Real success lies when our family is involved with us in achieving our Goal, when at the end of the day, entire family is there to applaud you for your achievements and they got your back when things go wrong.”

“Lot of women get frustrated because of their own impulsiveness. We need to calm down, communicate crisply, have deeper understanding towards people’s mindset and try balancing out things happily. The problem is, we listen to argue, not to understand. We are not in competition with men, we don’t need that, we’re already far more superior.”

Schweta Merchant has made strides to touch lives of more than 60,000 people across India and USA and still counting. Stay away from the negativity in life because happiness is infectious and Schweta is determined to spread the infection throughout the world!


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