‘Eatonomist’ is Redefining your Food Habits !!

‘Eatonomist’ is Redefining your Food Habits

Looking to check your calories and lose a little weight?

Eatonomist has the answer for you. Started in Nov 2014 by ex-management consultants, Eatonomist delivers Calorie counted Gourmet meals all across Gurgaon. With a dynamic menu and a range of cuisines from Indian to international, all their meals are between 300 and 500 calories. Eatonomist cooks all their sauces, breads and dressings from scratch and customers can call or order online.

With Eatonomist, our passion for food and innovation is changing the way people think of health as a way of life.

Like any other journey, this one too was a path unknown for the founders. But it was a path they had laid out for themselves. Daunting at first, they trudged along slowly and steadily overcoming hurdles on a daily basis. “We knew our calling was something beyond the realms of confined a 9-5 job. There was a magnetic pull towards becoming an entrepreneur and calling a business our own,” says Anisha, who worked in the corporate sector for 7 years before starting up. She handles New Business development, Marketing and Sourcing at Eatonomist.

Every father, brother and husband needs to know that women are humans first and then a gender. Let’s not crush their dreams because we stereotype or that is how the world has seen women to be.

“The biggest support for us has been our parents. It is because of them that we grew up to be ambitious women,” says Nupur. They say starting up has been a challenge and the support of their parents has inspired them to do better. At a startup, every waking moment is a challenge. “It was like learning to walk again. We both had options and in fact we were living ideal, cushy lives. However, we always felt that we were becoming complacent in our lives and we really needed a push to do more,” she adds. They realized their individual potential and put it together to create a wonderful service benefitting those around them.

The time we earlier spent in malls now goes towards building a big brand.

Through the journey, the founders have become more patient individuals and focus on things that truly matter. “We have started viewing each obstacle in life more pragmatically,” says Nupur, who was a financial advisor with EY before starting up. Providing gourmet food at economical prices, Eatonomist has over 80 options for people to choose from. They aim to supply lunch and dinner options to people working in the corporates on working days and solving the local, mobile and on-demand problem in the food tech industry.  Valued at $3.8 Million, they are looking to add width to the product line and expand their coverage in the next few years.

Never under-estimate a Woman

The founders took a leap of faith and jumped into the business when they started up. In the course of Eatonomist, they started to learn from experience and customer feedback and they say, “Have some faith in yourself and the path to your dreams will suddenly become easier.” They advise women entrepreneurs to follow their heart and never let anyone demotivate them.

Website : www.eatonomist.com

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