The Story Behind Ahmedabad’s Favourite Fashion Label ‘Tattavam’

The Story Behind Ahmedabad’s Favourite Fashion Label ‘Tattavam’

Drashti Rao is the proud owner of  one of Ahmedabad’s favourite customised clothing label, “Tattavam”. Feministaa spoke to Drashti about her journey as an entrepreneur and her upcoming fashion label. She believes that inspiration always initiates through one’s dreams. If one firmly decides to achieve it by hook or by crook.

Right from the inception of the brand , I have given utmost priority to two things – quality of work and my client’s budget. This two things acted like pillars of success for my customised clothing business.

Drashti says, ” Yes my dreams have made me follow the right path and work hard to explore the industry from the roots. I always thought being a fashion designer was a cliche career for women, but I really found my space here and I’m glad to have given it a shot. After years of intensive hard work, I’ve found my happy space”.

There is a huge boom associated with the E – Commerce portals these days. Like every upcoming fashion house, ‘ Tattavam’  also decided to take advantage of the ever growing fad of shopping culture online.  “Generally if you don’t go with the trend in the economy, you  tend to fail drastically , so I prepared myself with the changing buying trends and decided to start my venture online for their comfort. If you give what your customers want, you are on the right path”, says the Founder.

The Dream Team

An entrepreneur  is nothing without a strong team and this led me to be very particular on who is a part of  my team.

 The Rough Road

The basic struggle which any fashion designer faces is to make a niche for himself/herself. Every designer has a unique sense of design and sooner or later, one tends to discover that . Once that discovery is made, there is no looking back. One needs to just innovate and improvise on the designs. “Getting a customer’s attention in this market full of talent is a challenge. There is a reason why established designers like Anita Dongre and Ritu Kumar have been favourites amongst the plethora of Indian fashion designers. They are truly classic and it  takes years of persistent hard work and constant innovation to create your label”, says Drashti Rao.

One should not aim be the same, one should aim to be better always.


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