Renuka Dabhade says, “Denim Over Me”

Renuka Dabhade says, “Denim Over Me”

Renuka Dabhade was shopping on the streets of a small market, when she realized the potential of sturdy cotton! A fabric being used only in apparels, she was convinced that the potential of cotton in India was under-utilised! Renuka had an idea that would revolutionise the usage of cotton, in other horizons.

Entrepreneurial journeys are quite a roller coaster ride. Starting with convincing oneself to taking a bold step and convincing your family about what you do! In Renuka’s case as well, leaving the comfort zone was a risky step to take.

“However it’s a risk, worth taking!” says the founder happily.

Being the only daughter of the family, it was difficult for Renuka to expain her parents why she chose the path. “Seeing me happy with my work they are absolutely supportive now,” she says happily.

Shout out to all the men who play multiple roles in women’s lives

Women are born multi-taskers, hence do believe in them and in their dreams.

I strongly believe that all women need, is moral support, and they can win the world!

A woman in a man’s world! 

Sitting in an air-conditioned office as against roaming in various markets in search of raw materials and visiting various small manufacturing units is not an easy job. Especially for  a girl, venturing out in markets where one finds 1 woman out of ten people walking around her is a tough job! Renuka’s passion towards her work has made it easy for her.

“I experience eyebrow raising reactions for roaming alone in many male dominated places,” says Renuka.

Renuka’s Day! 

Being a fitness freak, Renuka starts her day with a workout and follows it up with a hectic day of managing orders.

“There’s no fixed task for the day, entrepreneurship is anything but a monotonous routine,” says the finance graduate from Mumbai University.


Watching men/ women carry bags of any brands challenges me the most to establish my brand. It’s all about defying your own limits!

While establishing the brand Denim Over Me, Renuka faced challenges in promoting the brand. “I envisage Denim Over Me reaching men and women of all age groups. As Denim Over Me’s arena is beyond bags,” she says.

To solve this problem, Demin started to promote it’s sales with a re-seller program where people can sell their products and earn a margin out of it. “We have a lot of women registered for this program, they are already making good money out of it. We are indirectly promoting entrepreneurship through it,” claims the founder.

The brand uses virgin (unwashed) denim fabric which ensures the quality and durability of the items. Faux leather is used at places to add colour to the bags! Through this journey Renuka has learnt patience. She trusts that chasing passion pays off if a chance is taken.

As an advice to future womenpreneurs, Renuka says, “We all have the potential to realize our dreams; all it takes is one step towards it. Just one step, no matter where you are, and things will start falling in place for you. It’s either now or never!”


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