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Fashion Trend Report of 2015

Fashion Trend Report of 2015

Trends are limitless and you are boundless to follow them. This season has witnessed a handpicked list of trends, which displays the contemporary attitude of this generation. The changing style of art, music and the culture has really magnified the trends in the fashion industry. The color palette has witnessed some exciting changes. Colors like Pistachio, Mantis, Aquamarine, Tangerine are now trending on the runways. Some of the recently picked fancy trends, mostly to be in vogue during the year would be:

The asymmetric hemline: Hemlines are an important part of the dress and now experimentation with the hemline is trending. We have already seen short and long hemlines, but, the asymmetric new fresh of the list. There’s a new way you can sport your tones legs by wearing this hemline. Its sophisticated cut will make you feel like a diva this season.

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Polka Dots: After all, what goes around comes around. The same can be said for the everlasting polka dots trend. A vintage print is back in action with some quirky changes in colors and style. Try the loose top with polka dots and team it up with well-fitted pants; you can feel the 80’s coming back with the big dots.

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Bold Prints: Tops and dresses with quirky bold prints make a long lasting impression. Such digital prints capture attention and are visually appealing. You would see majority of clothes in tropical prints on the ramp this season. Even, Pop culture prints and pictures of famous fashion icons like Audrey are quite in vogue.

Denim: Blue denim short jackets and denim dresses are trending like never before. A causal chic look for the day-to-day style needs. Team it up with simple and sleek belts, sling bags and simple neck chains to accessorize the look. Denim shirts look best in a loose form. But jackets and pants should be of a great fit.


Skirt-o-pock: Who wouldn’t like the comfort of some pockets in the midst of a skirt? Style amalgamated with the convenience of keeping your phone or just keeping your hands warm. Long skirt with pocket, worn with a crop top, is a suitable team up. Skirt-o-pock trend is the one of the must haves this season.

The Pouffy sleeves: Welcome the change to your boring sleeves. It is the Pouffy sleeve trend, which adds volume to your boring sleeves and makes your shoulders look appealing and jazzy. Pouffy sleeves are of various kinds though. Choose the one, which suits your body structure.

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The big bow: One of the favorites amongst the 2015 trends would be the big bow. Symbolizing feminism, the bow is an accessory to your party dress. It’s the newly found glamour quotient, which you should add instead of the regular belts and the chains. A back bow in a top or a dress or even a jumpsuit can jazz up your outfit instantly.

The long wraps : Long jacket style wraps are in vogue this year. Whether you wear shorts, rompers or skirts, the long wrap makes them look classy from the back and the sides. The material should be really light and breathable because this is not a jacket or a warmer. Pick up these wraps in neutral colors and avoid bright colors.

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The kimonos: The kimonos are making a statement this season too. Various prints and styles can be seen in the kimono style. Some kimonos come with fringes, giving a hippie look to the outfit and others with some bold prints, making a style statement for you. Checks, polkas, flags and crochet ponchos are trending this season.

The hanging jacket: One of the many trends followed effortlessly by the celebrities is the hanging jacket. The fashion victims are following it religiously. It looks more like a protection shield for your outfit, since you are not actually wearing it, but again it’s more of a style statement than just a jacket.

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Printed skinny pants: Skinny pants, is not a new entry. We all have seen, worn and have been bored with skinny jeans. But, as we experiment with the skinny jeans trend, this season witnessed some interesting bold prints in skinny pants like leopard, geometric, floral and others.

Unconventional shades: From Miu Miu to Dior, all brands have come out with some never seen before unconventional designs. The “so real” glasses, from Dior, are a celeb favorite. Also, the semi rimless Sunglasses from Miu Miu, have been quite in Vogue lately. With a simple outfit, these glasses make a superb style statement.

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