The Circus Juggler needs style !!

The Circus Juggler needs style !!

The modern age woman has become nothing short of a circus juggler. The over-zealous yet tired CEO, the reprehensive yet idolatrous mother, the saint yet sinner spouse and lastly the consoling yet boisterous friend on heels. And lets be real, it is no piece of red velvet. So, where in all of this ever-going drama does she find the time for herself?

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Her day begins with red tiffin boxes, sleepy children, messy baths, ironing uniforms and a husband who seems to develop a case of short-term amnesia where his wallet is concerned. The long queues for the much-needed dose of caffeine, the hustle-bustle to catch the 7:20am bus and the squeezing train compartments adds to her already hectic schedule.

Further more, since the workplace has become the new home, there is a constant conundrum to create a projected new-age maestro, while still be that adorable mother, a dichotomy that still manages to confound.

Moreover, in this ocean called the corporate world, the top of the food chain is directly synonymous to a shark in tow to kill every competition in its line of vision. So, it is quintessential to project a sinewy and authoritarian façade and nothing suggests as sinewy and authoritarian as a well-fitted, well-planned outfit.

If our love for all sartorial things has taught us anything, the perfect-woman crap that most magazines and reality TV shows try to sell us, with their gorgeous women and their always tip-top skins, is both a gift as well as a bane. How many of us have the time to try on outfit after outfit, sighing at our perfectly smiling reflection, singing ‘All the single ladies’ and throwing on a killer pants-suit combo on a Monday morning? If this was real, then I am Julia Roberts.

And unfortunately, neither the bread is not going to butter on itself nor the eggs can become an omelet on its own. So let’s admit it, dressing up for work can be about as exciting as eating oatmeal for breakfast.

Especially in India, where the struggle to become that utopian woman every one expects her to be is never ending. One cannot be all and do all. So although, the Indian career girl has her sleeves rolled up where her tenuous files are concerned, her mortar and pestle perfectly grinding her pulses, it’s her appearance that goes for a toss. Surely, one of five working women may have once or more made these fashion faux pas with their work clothes committing these nefarious crimes- the clothes either being too short, too long, too heavy or too plain.

Thus, in other words, salacious, shabby, gaudy and boring!

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Often, the victims of ghostly whitewashed faces, the Indian woman, seems to fall prey to the wrong shade of compact or foundation, a vice that is as common an occurrence as of the fairness cream advertisements on television. What is also frequent is either too caked-up faces or the lack of it. Hence, these workingwoman, who although excel at everything, tend to fall short where their appearance is concerned.


As stylish as you look for a dinner party, when the clock strikes 7:00am, all your sensibilities are out of the window leaving you staring at your piles of non-repeatable clothes, which to your husband might look like the Rs.4000 grey trousers you just bought last weekend, but to you, they are just worthless. This makes you wonder – ‘How do I pose as the confident, impertinent and veracious woman that I am without looking like I’m trying too hard?’

Follow three simple steps and there’s no stopping you:

  1. Don’t be a part of the herd.
  2. Don’t bereave yourself of your style.
  3. Lastly, don’t hesitate to experiment.

When you look good, you feel good. No meeting can wrong in a Prabal Gurung pansy skirt, Brooks brother frill shirt and Tamara addiction heels, Can it now? Since, there’s no uniform in the office (Pheww), bring your own style to the board meeting. If you like that crisp power woman look, pull out the fashion antidotes: tailored blazers, fitted midi dresses, slouchy pants, power pumps and don’t forget to add an element of surprise, be it the unexpected prints or a nifty piece of earrings. Don’t let the monochromatic hues; white to black cardigans and boring grey pants screaming at you from your wardrobe rule you.

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For those women who want a more delicate yet authoritative appearance, wide legged trousers and a pale pink silk blouse combo is always a crowd pleaser. It’s all about looking different and getting noticed. So don’t hide in your boring black dress, stand out. I don’t mean look like an Easter egg, but you could always be a little rakish time and again. Experiment with different tones, a pale blue with a periwinkle blue, add some accessories, a metal strap watch, mother of pearl neckpiece, a Cartier love band and lastly don’t go easy on the heels, pump and stiletto them. Take a deep breath and put your creative minds to work.

The next thing you know, you could be the next Kendall Jenner of your office.

Time is money and don’t let the universal girl-dilemma, ‘I have no clothes’ frighten you. So pull your chin up, button up your blazer, stand tall and nail those god-forsaken presentations.


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