Resurrecting the ‘Dead’ Powers of The Dead Sea: Story of Manisha Chopra

Resurrecting the ‘Dead’ Powers of The Dead Sea: Story of Manisha Chopra

Manisha Chopra, Co-Founder-Director at SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals, has been a pioneer in high-definition make-up in Australia for over a decade. A sought-after make-up artist for fashion models and traditional Indian brides alike, Manisha was inspired by the potential of India. She returned to the country to make waves in the Indian wellness industry.

Driven by her belief that the Indian, home-grown beauty products and techniques can create a robust name in global spheres, Manisha has been a paragon of young, female entrepreneurship in the country.

With SeaSoul, she plans to continue her journey of bringing out revolutionary natural products that address the root cause of problems and help people in India rediscover their pristine beauty and calm of mind.

Here’s Manisha’s soulful story!

How it began.

“When I was settled in Australia, I used to miss Indian Culture and heritage a lot. However, when I started dabbling in make-up, it was almost like I found a new lease of life. In any stable profession, life is usually on track. However, somehow I felt some sort of unsatisfaction. Being a creative person, I yearned to do something more with my life.”

Manisha is also a qualified Engineer. During her two-year long research on importance of therapeutic products, she and her co-founder husband, Sankalp, chanced upon the rejuvenating powers of the Dead Sea. Manisha gauged how the mud, minerals and salt from this water body could cure and enhance one’s skin, body and spirit. This led to the inception of SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals.

“I am an engineer and have a very good grip for Chemistry. Chemistry helped me a lot to learn cosmetology.”

Making a mark in the Beauty Industry

“The only way to get success in beauty industry, which is highly competitive, is by bringing a unique and unconventional product and to examine the problem and come up with a solution. The uniqueness of SeaSoul is we are free from harmful chemicals.”

Most reputed clients of the company include Six Senses Spa by Jaypee Group, Radisson Blu, Novotel, Grand Hyatt – Goa, Park Hyatt – Chennai, Naturals Spas, Oryza Spas, Sansha Spas and Zazen Spas amongst others.

Sustaining a male dominated industry

“I do not believe that the industry is male dominated. The industry is open for creative and unusual ideas. Gender hardly matters.”

Indian beauty products compared to world beauty products.

“Indian Beauty products are lacking in Technology and quality. 90% of beauty products manufacturing in India are made of harmful chemicals to low the price rate for Indian market.”

Secret of success.

“I am a workaholic woman. I work almost 24*7. Besides that I have to travel a lot for SeaSoul. But at the same time I give my best to my home to my children”

Advice for women in business

“India’s perception towards women entrepreneurs has immensely changed and it should and will keep changing with the flow of time. As an entrepreneur I would like to say that if you have an idea just do enough research and background checks, pros & cons of being there.”

A lot of startups come up every year but 80% of them shut down because of less thought process done. Starting something is very easy but following and getting a breakthrough is difficult.

“A woman is required to have a lot of qualities and the biggest being the attitude. Even if you don’t have a desired education background but you must have an attitude to live by your dream. I also believe that learning is a never ending process. You can learn through an incident, person or anything. One must never think a person as big or small.”


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