#FemShare – Feminism From A Man’s Perspective

#FemShare – Feminism From A Man’s Perspective | Feministaa

In India, since childhood, cues of things that happen around us make us imbibe male chauvinism. Children grow up seeing their fathers as decision makers of everything important, while the petty daily calls may be left for women to take.

We seek bold girls as friends and for short term relationships, while the key quality that we seek from wives is ‘submissiveness’.

We live in a patriarchal society where men often crack jokes among themselves about the inabilities of females in comparison to them superior selves.

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Being an Indian man, I have been part of this whole deal. I have carried with me these very opinions. However, it is time we must consider ways and means of empowering our women to be an important and equal part of the Decision Making.

This can happen only if ‘girls’ are given alike exposure, and are not treated as the ‘to be protected’ gender. 

Till the time our young girls are taught to remain in tight shelters, they will not see life the way men do in our country, and this lack of exposure will continue to ensure that our women stay in cocoons – unequipped to handle situations or have real life opinions.

It is important that women are equipped and are given the freedom to contribute. Our nation and its economy cannot afford to continue with marginal utilization of 45% manpower, or shall we call it ‘womenpower’. Herein lies the simple recipe of the much desired ‘in-organic’ growth impetuous.

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It is unfortunate that whilst there is much happening around feminism, misconceptions remain. Men must understand that Feminism is not about females taking over as the superior gender, it is about offering and appreciating equality. Ironically, this is where most proposers of feminism flounder, going overboard to almost propose dominance. Ultimately, receptiveness occurs, creating roadblocks.

By : Gautam Arora