Devika’s answer to the Perennial Dilemma – “Wear is The Discussion”

Wear is the discussion was started by a young fashion lover named Devika Bhargav. Devika wanted to solve the perennial problem of every girl that was finding the right clothes with the right accessories.

Every girl dreams of creating a closet which matches Sonam Kapoor’s mystical closet. Unfortunately, we all are not fashion experts and we seek advice as and when we get confused. Wear is the discussion is an initiative towards bridging the gap between the fashionistas and the “not-so fashion savvy” women who look for constant advice and fashion checks. Devika is on her journey to make it big with her next adventure.

Feministaa talks to Devika about her journey and “here is the discussion”


While dealing with varied people, there are always some lessons learnt and there is always something you can learn from. According to Devika, one should never write off a person or experience thinking they are not worth it, or not someone you’ll ever need. Every person is special, as is each experience.  Also, one should never settle. She mentions that there were times when she was offered the most prestigious of tasks, but she did not take them up because she knew that better things will come her way.

Devika says ” Do what you love and love your team beyond work” .

Devika always knew what she wanted to do. It helped her decide exactly which step would be apt to be the next one. She quotes an interesting incident from her childhood days, “I told my parents way back in standard 10 that this (where I am today) is what I will be. (Fun fact – I went to boarding school at mayo girls, and coming from a business family, I was convinced that I should take up commerce. I went back after holidays, and we used to get two minutes to talk to our parents every two weeks! In those 2 brief minutes, I quickly conveyed to them that I’ve dropped the commerce idea and will be taking up humanities and high-level literature (in order to aid me better in writing), and that was it. We still laugh about it)”.


When asked about her inspiration, Devika says” Inspiration is everything, the people we are today is an amalgamation of everything that inspires us – starting from our parents, to the icons of whatever it is that we choose to follow and I get inspired daily”.

According to Devika, Sonam is every stylist’s dream and there is no one better to discuss fashion with. Devika rates her as the most stylish person in our country today.


Devika feels blessed with the circle of support she has been gifted with. Her family helps her get through any and every hurdle in the way of her dreams.

Devika says, ” I am a very old-fashioned girl, and my views (if heard in detail) may actually end up shocking you (my mom keeps saying I should have been born in the last generation!). For me, marriage is the single most important decision you make in your life, the ultimate union. You should take this step when you feel that there is literally nothing more you’d like in the world than to belong to this particular human being.

“I particularly believe that one should get married young, and grow up together a little bit so that people don’t get too set in their ways of leading life without a partner. I also believe arranged marriage, if not forced, is as good as your friends introducing you to someone, just that here it’s your parents; it does come with a deal of pressures of its own, as much as we try to avoid it, but at least you’re on the same page (which I hear can be hard to find these days!). Also, lastly, I feel you should never date someone that you just cannot imagine being married to, because if it ends in the middle, it just does, you should never put pressure on another person, but there really should have been hope to start with”, says the founder.


Devika has some interesting plans in the closet. She is launching her very own website in the coming week, with the label called “The Guest List” along with an entire styling division. Devika says, “We will also be doing video ads for clients that would like us to, along with an app in the pipeline (to be launched in the first half of this year). I’m also working on another film”.

Another interesting startup to look forward to. Gear up ladies, all your fashion queries will  finally have the right answers. Visit The Feministaa team wishes Devika and her team all the very best for their upcoming venture. 

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