Get Winter Ready!

How to Get Your Body Ready for Winter

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire. It is the time for home.”

Winter is beautiful with the landscapes turning white and people adorned in warm winter clothing. The cool and dry winds keep us cuddled up in the cozy blankets but they also take a toll on our skin and therefore, here we are to save you from the winter woes.

We came across some frequently asked questions about the winter skin and decided to solve them by providing easy solutions through food. Because if winter brings in snow, it also brings in delicious fruits and vegetables to keep us going.

It will definitely get much colder, but the skin needn’t suffer this winter.

1. My lips get chapped as soon as the winter sets in. What should I do?

Chapped lips and dry lips are one of the major concerns of all women. Well, they hurt and obviously, you cannot apply your favorite shade of red on those chapped lips. Skin tends to become dry during the winter, when humidity and temperatures drop. A little change in the eating habits during the cold months can increase the skin’s elasticity and moisture level. All you need is some proteins, a lot of vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids, some beta-carotene and a few antioxidants.

Try the Perfect Pumpkin Pump

Cubes of Pumpkin – Beta Carotene

Greek-style Yogurt – Protein

Avocado – Vitamin C

Ground flaxseed – Omega 3 fatty acids


Blend them together and you are good to go for that Christmas dinner in your favorite pout.

2. Winter makes my skin looks dull!

Well, the easy fix here would be a highlighter but hey, we got something even better. Put down the highlighter—all you need for a healthy glow is a helping of carotenoid-rich fruits and veggies.

Try the Green Monster

6 Carrots – Vitamin A and carotenoids

2 Apples with seeds and skin – Vitamin C

1 inch Ginger root – riboflavin and niacin

50 grams Spinach – vitamin A and carotenoids

1 Banana – provitamin A carotenoids

1 Orange – Vitamin C

1 cup Water

Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy winter with glow on your face. What else could make winter more fun?

3. I love to sit in the sun in winter but I am scared of the wrinkles.

Well, who does not enjoy sun bathing in winter? When the hot sun touches the skin on a cold winter day, it is boon. Other than tan, the ultraviolet radiation can also gift you some wrinkles. But, hey don’t you stop enjoying that hot bliss because we have got the fix. Soy milk helps to preserve skin-firming collagen because it is rich in isoflavones.

So, let’s get you The Banana Milk, that would keep you young.

1 banana – provitamin A carotenoids

6-7 almonds (soaked in water overnight) – Vitamin E

Half a cup soy milk – isoflavones

2 teaspoons flax seeds – omega-3 fatty acids

1 teaspoon of organic honey – niacin and riboflavin

4. How do I avoid itchy and flaky skin in winter?

 Itchy and flaky skin is one of the cruelest outcome of low temperatures. The unrelenting parched skin can leave anyone irritated. It’s a perpetual battle to stop our skin from looking like the Thar desert. But if you keep yourself hydrated, you might win the battle. Pineapple is one fruits hat keeps the body hydrated by supporting digestion and eliminating toxins.

So get your blender and make the Pineapple Booster to keep the itching at bay.

Cubes of pineapple – hydrates the skin

Ground flax seeds – omega-3 fatty acids to prevent inflammation which leads to dry skin

1 banana – Vitamin A

5. I hate the red nose I get in winter. How do I protect myself?

 The red nose has been a concern for ages. Winter always leaves us with the cold we all hate. The common cold can not only make us feel lethargic —all that nose-blowing makes our face look like hell, too. The easiest way to get rid of the red nose is by boosting your immunity in winter.

You ask, how to do that. Well, here is The Immunity Booster to your rescue.

1/2 banana – Vitamin B-6 and Vitamin C

1/4 cup Greek yogurt – protein

6-7 almonds (soaked overnight) – Vitamin E

1 tsp honey – niacin

1/4 tsp freshly grated ginger – Vitamin C

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