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Sabyasachi Model Varshita Thatavarthi Redefining the Dynamics of Beauty Standards

“No matter how great-looking you are, how beautiful you are, there is always going to be somebody who is not going to like you or accept you for the way you look. So it is important you celebrate yourself, love yourself and have enough confidence that you don’t buy into other people’s opinions of you.”

From being a Sabyasachi Model to the body positive icon of the Indian Fashion Industry, Varshita Thatavarthi is a woman who has redefined and challenged beauty standards that shackle women with stereotypes. Her disarming beauty caught the legendary fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s eye during a Jewelry exhibition in Chennai and the rest became history. She asserts that there is always going to be someone who will pick out faults in your appearance, you can’t win them all but you can surely love yourself enough to disregard every toxic opinion that society throws your way.

“Body Positivity to me is being comfortable in your own self.”

Varshita states that body positivity is not a fad and it is here to stay so it is time that we as society end the discriminatory beauty standards. She says love yourself and the world shall follow suit!

Watch the video to know more about toxic beauty standards of the Indian Fashion Industry and how body positivity can transform your life.

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