She quit her job 3 months before her Wedding to Start up !!

She quit her job 3 months before her Wedding to Start up !!

Quitting her job 3 month before her wedding and starting up, the story of Taniya

Taniya Dhirasaria was curious and optimistic as a child. Born and brought up in a Marwari family from a small town called Siliguri, Taniya’s exposure to opportunities was always limited. But that did not stop her from grabbing lucrative jobs at leading companies. And 3 months before her wedding, she decided to quit it all to startup!

Generally, Indian women get pressurised by their families to get married first and then start something of their own, but that’s just something that is every father’s dream, right?

In spite of the skepticism from her family about leaving a high paying job and a good bank balance, her family always agreed to the decisions she made. “It was a difficult decision to let go of my monthly salary,” she says. Dhirasaria started up a nutrition-first food & beverages brand committed to enhancing the lives of people in Delhi NCR. Her startup story is about  providing people with healthy and nutritious meal options that are 100% free of sugar, water, preservatives, and artificial colors flavors.

My parents wanted me to continue working as they thought it was very important for me to be financially independent, says Taniya

With immense support from her family and in-laws, Taniya was freed her from all household responsibilities. Instead of managing her home, she is now managing a manufacturing team, a team of delivery boys and junior level executives, something different from what a normal middle class wife would do. “I feel a certain sense of responsibility towards their livelihood and their growth. This responsibility motivates me every day,” says the MICA graduate.

We are living in a wonderful world of infinite possibilities, and we should all look outside the box!

Zoe’s flagship products are 7 flavors of cold-pressed health juices that provide people with 80+ plant-based vitamins and minerals. When she started up, the society challenged Taniya on the startup business model, acquisition plan, and her plan ahead. “People used to say that Indian women are not good at business. They believed that I had nothing to lose as my husband was earning. But I guess all this doesn’t matter now!” she says.

A bootstrapped startup, Zoe Nutrition had faced challenges in finding the right people to work with. “Right now I am a one-woman army, so I am taking it one step at at a time” says Taniya. Through the journey, the founder has become more patient and has learnt how to balance work & personal life. “I have transformed from being a perfectionist to being more practical while taking decisions,” she adds.

All Indian women who want to startup , Taniya says “Don’t bogged down due to societal pressure. In today’s world, all of us are equal. If we have a dream, just chase it.”

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