Grabhouse is Transforming the Indian Housing Industry

Grabhouse is Transforming the Indian Housing Industry | Feministaa

Pankhuri Shrivastava is the brain behind Grabhouse, which is an online portal aiming to solve the housing hunting needs of an individual without having to incur  any  brokerage costs.

Grabhouse is a new-age home rental solutions provider for both owners and seekers. Using a mix of technology and on-ground expertise, we aim to offer solutions that aim to solve genuine problems in this space. We believe that unmasking today’s rental real estate market is the need of the hour and we aspire to achieve the same through world-class technology. We like to call ourselves a tech-centric company, which aims to provide a single-click platform, built by the best in the industry.

Being a woman house hunter in the maximum financial capital of our country,  there are various hindrances one has to transcend.

 In Mumbai, even when I continued stay in the same house after a year, as and when the rental agreement s renewed I had to pay the broker as well. This seemed a little out of place to me, as I did not see a reason why I should be paying the broker year on year. Moreover, I had an experience of changing houses for 5 times in a span of 2 years. This was the trigger which made me and Prateek to take matters into our own hands and finally led us to set up Grab house, says Pankhuri

Generally, the procedure of house hunting is a long and strenuous process. Its can be broken down into three stages such as Discovering a property to rent out, shifting and lastly, settling In.

Most of the players in the market are solving only the ‘Discovery’ part, as they are mostly property listing websites. This is where Grabhouse is different, they offer end to end renting solutions beyond discovery. Grab house is not just a listing website, rather they are a one stop solution for renting a property.

“What makes us stand out is our personalized touch. Our recommendation engine which has been built in-house helps the owners and seekers find the best suited tenants and accommodation respectively”, says Pankhuri Shrivastava.

In the entire journey of house hunting, dealing with the broker is the hardest part. One would never hear anyone say that they had a pleasant conversation with a broker. Grab house aims at eliminating the existing problems in the rental industry and doing away with the broker was the first step towards it. Instead, they wanted to make it tech-driven and more convenient for people to look for a house.

In the wake of the present scenario of the compromised safety conditions of women in our country, its important that house hunting is easier for women and not a mission to accomplish. Grab house has contributed its bit to ensuring women safety while house hunting by making the house hunting experience of any individual irrespective of their gender, smooth and hassle-free. The relationship managers are well-versed with the localities, when women seekers are looking for an accommodation and they make sure that they are informed up-front about the area and its specifications, highlighting areas suitable for women from a safety point of view.

“For Grab house managed properties, we make sure that the ones occupied by women have utmost security. If needed, we would also install CCTV’s at the entrance”, says the Founder

It is important for any organisation to formulate a holistic image that welcomes house seekers with an approach which is independent of the prevalent prejudices being practiced against house seekers who belong to a specific category i.e. single mothers, unmarried couples, LGBT community.

Grab house understands that every individual is different and they are here to take care of rental woes of every individual without being biased about societal prejudices. We have a successful recommendation engine which has a few questions and these questions if answered honestly we can find the exact house for you which fits into your requirements.

GrabHouse is on its way to capture the Housing Market and eradicate unnecessary costs associated with the Middleman. Team Feministaa wishes Pankhuri Srivastava all the very best.

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