Here are the Untold Stories Of Bollywood Actresses

Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine revealed the dark, scary and bitter side of an actress in the glamour and limelight of film industry. Well, unfortunately, it is a reality for many heroines, be it new or old. The constant anxiety about looking perfect, dressing seductively, media attention, gossip, celebrity circles: all of it can really take a toll.

When Deepika Padukone opened up about her depression on Barkha Dutt’s recent show, it was quite visible that she was fighting with herself, her struggle wasn’t over. She confessed how difficult it was to accept that she had a mental illness and needed medicines, something she had out rightly avoided initially. She explained how she used to cry, for hours, without any reason and that agony continued for a substantive amount of her life. She had her family, but in many other cases, there are so many actresses who fall prey to heavy drinking, smoking, drug addiction and even suicidal tendencies. No one has the time for them. They are as good as the last Friday’s Box office review And that rejection berates and rebukes their very soul, quite menacingly.

Let’s have a look at the untold stories of Indian Actresses

1. Jiah Khan:

She was 25-years-old when she took her own life. The actress was well known, since she had acted alongside A list actors Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan. She had also starred in high grossing films such as Houseful and Ghajini.  Jiah Khan was found dead, hanging from her ceiling fan on June 3, 2013 at her Juhu residence. The actress left behind a suicide note in which she related her abusive relationship with actor Sooraj Pancholi.

2. Viveka Banerjee:

A popular fashion model, she shot into fame with her Kamsutra condom advertisement in the 90s. She committed suicide in her Bandra flat on the night of June 25, 2010. Her body was found hanging from the ceiling fan in the hall. Apparently different reasons are being cited for her suicide from breakdown in professional career, failed love relationship to financial losses.

3. Divya Bharti:

Yes, we still remember her. The 19-year-old Bharti had fallen from the window of her fifth floor apartment around midnight on 5th April, 1993. Her death still stays as one of the most shocking events ever. Whether the promising actress (who had risen within a short period and was expected to reach the top in the coming years of Indian Bollywood) committed suicide or met an accidental death is still controversial.

4. Nafisa Joseph:

She was a model-turned-video jockey. She had won the Miss India Universe 1997 pageant and was a semi-finalist in the Miss Universe 1997 pageant in Miami. She had reportedly hanged herself in her flat in Mumbai on 29 July 2004.

5. Parveen Babi:

She was found dead on 22 January 2005, in her apartment. She committed suicide by taking sleeping pills and alcohol. Her post-mortem showed that she starved for almost three days by which alcohol and sleeping pills attacked very quickly. It was alleged that the reason for her suicide was her depression due to failed relationships and personal trauma.

Out of all these cases, perhaps the most unfortunate fact is that these actresses, who had so much of mettle and spark in them, are no more. No matter what the reason might be, their untold stories would remain untold, for years to come, forever.

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