Why Getting Married Early is not always a Good Idea !!

Why Getting Married Early is not always a Good Idea !!

To be in love is a charismatic feeling. It’s that state when our brain experiences a cocktail of chemical reactions releasing natural painkillers and then the brain entices us to ‘fall in LOVE’.

The feeling of love is a concept of make belief that vehemently supports an optimistic approach in people, convincing them that “getting hitched” can be a viable option, for little do they know that it’s a trap in disguise. Henceforth the promising nature of ‘being in love’ witness young people getting all ambitious thereupon confirming with the tag of “The Young and the Restless”. This is where the nightmare starts to germinate.  The decision of getting married early has its supporting cast that has won itself world acclaims of “Being a bad decision”.

Couples who get married early, majorly the ones who are in their 20’s fall prey to a variety of interpersonal and individual problems.  Young couples owing to their adolescent age and low maturity levels have a hard time oscillating between responsibilities which leads to a havoc in their married and interpersonal lives. The young love promises to stand by each other through thick and thin, but soon these vows turn into burdens in disguise.

Eventually, they realise that for each other, they are nothing more than poor misfits and gradually, their rosy marriage dream turns into a nightmare leading to an ugly divorce into infancy. When we are single, the only need we have to cater to is about ourselves but when hitched, our life doesn’t stay ours anymore.  The “I” gets replaced with the “we” and ”us” therefore leaving little or no space for personal manoeuvres leaving the seeds of ”burden’ in the nooks and corners of the young couple’s lives to develop with early separation written all over it.

The quotient of added and shared responsibility does not gel well with an early marriage, for we are too young to handle ourselves, let alone handling a marriage!

The fact is, at this phase in our lives all of us are chasing our true identity, realising what we want to make out of ourselves. The flamboyant endeavours an individual stumbles upon at this stage in life helps them to evolve into a full fledged man/a woman. To get married and plan a family at a tender age with no financial stability in either of the partner’s kitty is simply an intentional effort of attracting difficulties your way. This junction of life should necessarily be spent building a career especially for women for whom achieving capital sufficiency is of grave importance for when the journey gets tough they can afford it for themselves and their children without being dependent on their daunting families or their ever thankless spouses.

My personal take on “getting hitched at a young age”  is that – It’s s a perfect marriage of an unsuccessful future of two emotionally unstable and vulnerable beings.

The universal prototype of a reply to getting married early often recorded is “to each her own” and it’s true that there always exists exceptions but that doesn’t mean that they stand as a driving force to get blindfolded by and rule out the realistic examples of disastrous young marriages. There exists a natural phenomenon whereby, everything in the universe revolving around us has its own quotation of time and place. Consequently, nothing can occur before or after its stipulated time frame and if it somehow does then naturally ends in an abrupt ending. If a small child is dressed to imitate an older woman, it won’t appear soothing to one’s eyes, will make the child feel out of place amongst his/her peers and hence, will be termed as inappropriate and unjustified.

Marriage is a serious business that welcomes grownups with convincing levels of emotional, physical and mental maturity as well as the heart to accept the responsibilities and duties attached along with it.

The idea here is to fundamentally save oneself from a bad marriage experience, for its better to be late than to be sorry.


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