How to choose the right life partner ? – An expert advice

How to Choose the Right Life Partner | Qualities of a Good Life Partner

There is no right or wrong, when you jot down the list . Sometimes, even after dating a person for a couple of years, one doesn’t get to know the person and sometimes even two meetings are enough to make a judgment. So, in reality one cannot know for sure if they are getting married to the person they think they are. One might have just seen one side of the other’s personality or one might have portrayed themselves to be in a certain way.

Compromising is an art when it comes to marriage, but one shouldn’t make too many compromises, or life will be full of deep regrets. 


When one is almost half convinced that he/she could be “the one”, turn on the testing mode to be fully convinced. Just start off, with a random argument with him/her. Ask some offensive or opinionated questions and see how he/she reacts. That’s how one deals with interviews, just like when the employer tries to put the employee in a difficult situation and waits for his response or reaction. This is one of the best ways to know how a person thinks without actually getting into a fight with him/her. Handling an argument is a skill, not mastered by many.


Similar interests and hobbies are also very important to synchronize. What one needs is a companion, with whom one can enjoy doing different activities. Companionship, means being able to happily give company to the partner in his/her preferred interests. If two people don’t enjoy each other’s interests, then where is the companionship? On the other hand, an opposite taste of interests could turn out to be healthy too. When a couple has opposite tastes, one is left with no option but to try new things in life. This is turn works out as well, by adding an adventurous spark to the relationship while strengthening it.


The financial status also plays an important role while deciding the apt life partner. One should just be wary of the fact that the one  who is able to maintain one’s current lifestyle is a good choice. On the other hand,  just going for the rich and fancy and ignoring other facts won’t be too useful in the long run. Finances should fall after the partner selection. Money will find its way if hard work and good education are in place.


Living with the family is a major concern in today’s era when most of girls want to go nuclear as soon as they get married. Don’t be under the assumption that the guy is always willing to leave his family once he gets married. These issues should be talked about in advance and a consensus should be reached. Indian families are too concentrated on keeping the families intact, which might or might not be liked by the new member. Hence, it is important that one takes out time to talk about the arrangement post marriage as well.

The right partner will not be the perfect prince charming with the perfect qualities one always wanted. One needs to find a balance of perfections and imperfections and slowly and gradually adjust to them.

This is called “Marriage”. 

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