Nidhi Mehta discovered Her Happy space with ‘Needybee’

Nidhi Mehta discovered Her Happy space with ‘Needybee’

Indian Parents don’t think of dance as a career option for children. So when Nidhi Mehta quit her well-paying job at McKinsey & Co. to startup her own Bollywood Inspired Dance Fitness Company in the USA, her parents were very skeptical. But with a supportive husband, Nidhi started her first venture, BollyBeatz.

My husband used to say, “I am doing what I have to do, so my wife should at least do what she loves doing”

“My parents started to notice how big my dance studio had grown and how happy it made me and they have been so proud of my work ever since!” says Nidhi. For a woman, the beauty of entrepreneurship is that it allows them flexibility. For instance, Nidhi has moved three countries and various cities and she still manages to keep her work alive and kicking. “I just start off in the new place with utmost ease!” she adds. After twelve years of running BollyBeatz across three countries, Nidhi started up after relocating to India with her husband.

Initially, when I had embarked on my entrepreneurial path, I  missed the freedom of always having a big bank balance.

With, it was the first time when Nidhi was working with her husband as a team. NeedyBee started with the idea of dressing kids, head to toe. They have now added a special shopping corner for Mums called ‘JaipurSe’ to their colourful collection of clothes and accessories for kids. Women can now shop for themselves while looking out for clothes of their little ones. Handbags, Imitation Jewellery, Home Accessories and Accents from their designer selection are all manufactured in 5,000 sqft warehouse.  “Initially it took time to adjust to each other’s work styles but now we have figured out a great equation that’s working well for us,” she says. They are very complimentary and make a great professional team. According to Nidhi, her husband is super savvy in Operations and Finance and Nidhi’s strength is Sales & Business Development. Being a self-funded start up, NeedyBee is facing challenges but the team overcomes it creatively and that’s what keeps them going!

While Nidhi has started up NeedyBee, she continues to teach dance twice a week. “That’s my de-stress mode!” she says. Nidhi has extensive support from all the men in her life. 
“My father-in-law takes pride in my work and is always very encouraging. A woman cannot truly give her best unless she is stress free. So the support from those around her becomes a crucial factor in her sweet success,” she adds.

The founder believes that social taboos like of ‘womenpreneurs not being good mothers’ are made by people who are in-secure about their own abilities. “A woman will never compromise motherhood for anything. Women by nature can manage and balance various relationships with utmost ease,” she says.

Through the journey of NeedyBee, Nidhi has grown as an individual. “I have learnt to value money, hard work, maintain good relationships with people, be humble, network, balance things and continue to learn,” says the founder. Nidhi feels that she has developed a zeal for continuous learning.

Since, I have tasted the fruit of intellect, I don’t waste any time on unnecessary meets or get together that don’t help me grow.

As a message to the future womenpreneurs, she says, “Don’t waste your life living it the way others want you to. Go and take that first step to start something of your own. It will give you flexibility, sense of financial independence, self respect, ownership and will help you grow and be an example for your children to follow.”

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