International Women’s Week at Reciprocity

International Women’s Week at Reciprocity

Founded by two Partners- Kanchan Singh Satpathy & Manish Puri, RECIPROCITY, is a new, and meaningful platform that is driven by the passionate founders towards making a contribution to make a difference.

RECIPROCITY comes from the Practice Of Exchanging Things With Others For Mutual Benefit. Unfortunately, it’s the fortunate ones who know how to practice this in their lives.

This forum is for the people who believe in practising the art of exchange for a mutual benefit which in turn helps businesses and society.

They are in a business that’s about this large hearted phenomenon called RECIPROCITY where Business Owners, Professionals & Corporates come together to leverage each other’s business matrix & impact each other favorably & hence themselves too!

Vision & Mission

Their responsibility lies in their vision which is To Be INDIA’s Best Answer To Facilitate Quality Business. They plan to achieve their vision by facilitating the creation of profitable relationships for Business Communities by bringing in QUALITY PROFESSIONALS & further leveraging their business matrix towards multiplying members & business.

Reciprocity meeting on the 6th of March, 2017 was an ode to Women, celebrating The International Women’s Week 2017. The theme for this year being “Be Bold for Change., “Every person – women & men – can play a part in helping drive better outcomes for women. Through meaningful celebration and targeted bold action, we can all be responsive and responsible leaders in creating a more gender inclusive world. “

The distinguished Panellists on the day of the event were:

1. Mrs. Gowri Ishwaran – Padmashri & Founder Principal of Sanskriti School.

2. Mrs. Meera Balachandran – Founder Principal- Ramjas School R K Puram

3. Mrs . Monica Sagar – Principal Shiv Nadar School – Gurgaon

Some relevant questions, prevailing to the current situation were discussed with the esteemed panelists at the event. 

What role do you think ‘conditioning’ plays in shaping a woman’s future, in our country especially?
How do you think women should face this to achieve what they want to?
Who are the inspiring examples you can think of and why?
How have you been as a parent to your daughters in order to create an inspiring example?
What is your message to our lady entrepreneurs who play such multi-faceted roles in both their professional and personal lives ?

The audience was enriched by the rich insights that the panelists provided. Some being that, gender bias begins at home when parents express preferential treatment & intent for the male child.

The first time ‘equality’ ever got spoken about was in 1912 and we’re still talking about it as it is an unfinished agenda.

On the burning issue that women must stand up for themselves like men do; several personal examples were shared, and it was conferred that educating the men at home to think equally in order to be fair and not have gender bias ingrained in them from early on.

What a man can do, a woman can too. Bring in this culture from the start at home.


Encourage making mistakes as a culture in the house as mistakes propel us all for better performance. (Specifically speaking here, just in case Tejas does not fare well, he will be just fine as mistakes teach a lot and are in fact imperative as learnings- to pave way for better performance in future).

– If we feel that our conditioning plays a role in who we are today, then also be informed that we alone have the power to change our conditioning. We carry a responsibility as women not just for ourselves but for all other fellow women too because when we change, we influence other women & that can truly change the world!

– When we say ‘women’, the word oppression comes to mind instantly. If not oppression, role playing comes to mind. Our message to you all- go do what your heart says. Even if that means defying conventions!

– Women don’t have to fit into a man’s world. They are capable of making their own world, their own way!


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