Hiral Mehta on Becoming of an Artist

“Creativity is nothing but playing with your intelligence.”

Contemporary mix media artist, Hiral Mehta is the Founder of the House of Hiral. With her art graciously displayed at the Raj Bhavan, KarnatakaJehangir Art Gallery and the World Art Centre, Dubai, Hiral has garnered vast critical acclaim. She believes that creativity is everywhere. The clothes, stationary, the sky, wherever you look, creativity resides.

However, this self-taught artist didn’t begin her career with art. Hiral worked as an HR in a company before she finally embraced art as her true calling. Adopting art as her profession was an unconventional choice because of the pre-existent myth that artists don’t do well financially. She says due to this myth, she went for a career that wasn’t for her, but working as an HR gave her an expertise in the skills of networking and managerial abilities which is helping her in taking House of Hiral to new heights.

Artists are accustomed to mental blocks and the times when the creative juices don’t flow, Hiral seeks solace in meditation, watercolor painting and music. She says art is a beautiful form of therapy that can rejuvenate anyone.

“Whenever there is a challenge, there’s always a silver lining.”

Hiral launched her brand House of Hiral during the pandemic, she mastered digital artwork during these trying times when it was very easy to give in to the negativity and expanded her business exponentially. She learnt, adapted and evolved with this new normal. Empowered with positivity, Hiral aims to find a silver lining in every challenge that comes her way.

Social media is a vital tool for every artist. In the digital era where social media has become a fluent language for the world, Hiral advises budding artists that developing an inventory of their projects alongside a thriving social media which is a testament to their art and style is of paramount importance.

Looking back at the beginning of her career, she shares that she made a mistake of not making an inventory of her artworks initially. She further adds good photography of one’s artwork is also crucial because “the customer or the person who’ll see your artwork are not going to understand the beautiful art piece you must have made until and unless there is good photography.”

Driven by her passion for art, Hiral says “When something is your passion, and if that something is which you love doing and that passion makes you feel good within, that’s something which will always keep you going.”

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