Kalki Koechlin

The queen of monologues, and a true icon for the modern powerful independent woman in India, Kalki Koechlin spoke to Feministaa about womanhood and a lot more.

Just before she was to receive her award, at the 63rd National Awards held at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi, for her performance in Margarita With A Straw, she was like a small child, that would be elated and ecstatic on receiving a new toy!

At 32, Kalki’s experience in playing varied roles, while sticking to her individuality, speaks a lot about her persona and why she is so clear on where she wants to be. For a girl, from Pondicherry, coming to a super opinionated country that isn’t very warm towards women, Kalki’s strength comes from her clarity of thoughts.

“Dear men, dear powerful men, I know you care about women. I know you care about her, I know you want her to feel like a princess, to put her up on a pedestal, to make her a goddess and give her a special day – International Women’s Day. You want to car walk, hold her so she can’t be free, tell her so she can’t know any differently, but no, that is not works equality”

Kalki spoke to Feministaa about Problems that are deeply rooted in the Indian Society

“The real problem in India is very complicated. There is a reason why parents ask their girls to not go out alone after dark. There is a reason why girls face objection from their families to wear whatever they want to, wherever they want to. We have to understand that elders are not wrong. However, things just need to change.”

A brilliant Feminist and a voice for gender equality, Kalki reiterated on why  is it so important for Women to be Independent

“To understand her true identity, it is very important for a woman to be independent. Not only financially but emotionally as well.”

Watch her speak on grave issues concerning women in India, and how important is it to change our outlook during changing times in her monologue interview above. 


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