Reema Ahmad on Healing from Abuse and Inner-awakening

“It takes a lot. It takes an immense amount of courage and honesty to see things for what they are.”

Comprehensive Sexuality Educator & Founder of Candidly, Reema Ahmad talks about how to deal with trauma and abuse. She is a woman of eloquent words and raw honesty which will leave you grappling with awe and acknowledgement of self. Reema asserts that abuse is not gender specific and it takes a lot to step out of an abusive relationship. The first step being recognizing your abuser and accepting that you are being subjected to abuse.

“Misery is a very comfortable place to be in.”

Why me? Why does everything bad happen with me? Why is the universe conspiring against me? This never ending cycle of self-pity is comforting. Reema elucidates that once you accept misery as your home that’s when your growth stops. She says “Growth happens when you accept your own responsibility and forgive yourself.”

Watch the video to know more about inner-awakening!

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