Manya Jha is Shaping Ideas with Morphedo !

Manya Jha is Shaping Ideas with Morphedo !

What if you were involved in design and manufacturing of any accessory you wear? You could choose the color, texture, patterns..Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Manya Jha’ s startup story is all about is bridging the gap by letting you co-create products on a 3D printer! Her Startup story started in 2015 when Manya decided to create job opportunities for people as a child. Manya was studying in the 2nd year of post-graduation when the idea of Morphedo came to her.

Every day in any entrepreneur’s life is full of high as well as low tides and it is all about fastening your belt to keep firm as you move ahead towards the destination.

Morphedo ecommerce store has all made to order products. They have products designs under different categories of lifestyle segment. “When the customer likes a design, she can get it manufactured in three sizes and 14 different colors. If she is not able to locate a design according to her taste, our concept manufacturing/co-create offering provides her the option to get connected to us, we design the 3D model of the product and manufacture it with no minimum volume requirements,” says the founder.

Indian Society has a very shallow perspective of success, when they see that you are happy and successful, they become happy with you

While the decision to startup was all hers, Manya says that her family had a big role to play in it. The founder believes that life is about taking challenges, and if anything comes easy we do not realize its worth. “I am a firm believer of the fact higher the risk, higher the return. I have taken a lot of risks in my startup as well and I am sure it will be fruitful,” Manya says optimistically.

It’s time for people to digest that change is the only constant and it brings with it a lot of benefits. 

While the working Indian women might not have the time to take care of every other person who wants to throw stone at her, she is definitely competent enough to take extreme care of her loved ones as well as the people with whom she works.  Manya is one such lady balancing her life very well. She quit the option of a high paying job in college and is living a very modest life as a womenpreneur.

“I have learnt that you just have to hold tight to your seat, keep moving with your prayers and think eventually everything will take their course”, says Manya Jha

The founder says that hiring the right people who are self-motivated to take ownership of work is difficult to find. “Along with that, increasing the number of products which can be added to the platform is a challenge at work,” she says.

The journey has an immense learning every day. 

The founder advises the future women startup founders to come out of thoughts like ‘Not everyone is lucky enough’, ‘I have to get married and get settled’, and be optimistic. “Living up to your capabilities to the fullest and creating your own identity is what you will leave behind. Take the first step and don’t quit,” she ends by saying.

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