Menstrual Cups in India – The Best Alternative Method? 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Use It

Why to Use Menstrual Cup | Menstrual Cup Pros and Cons

The Menstrual cups have been in the news for a while but owing to cultural taboos of India, women are still reluctant to use it as it appears with a number of questions, for instance, can young girls who have just got periods will be able to use it? Is it safe for virgins? Do menstrual cups stretch the shape and size of the vagina? Let’s find out!

But before we answer all of the questions above and talk about why menstrual cups can be taken as the best alternative method, let’s try to understand what is menstrual cups?

Menstrual cups are small silicone or latex made rubber cups which can be inserted just before the period starts and one cup can last up to twelve hours, depending on the flow.

The best part about menstrual cups is that they are reusable and one cup can be continued to utilize for years, if not ages! Doctors also suggest that after your period gets over, it is extremely important to sterilize the menstrual cups with boiled water and a cup should not be shared between multiple women under any circumstances.

Why Should You Use it?

We are here to tell you, menstrual cups are the best alternative to the traditional pads or the tampons that we have used all our lives. It is affordable, extremely hygienic, free from toxic risk and most importantly eco-friendly!


One of the major issues about menstruation in India is that sanitary pads or tampons are not extremely affordable, thus a large number of women from rural areas are still struggling to get their hands on this basic necessity and as a result, missing schools, social occasions in the days of periods. On the other hand, given the menstrual pads’ reusability, they turn to be the most affordable alternative.


Menstrual cups are proven to be extremely hygienic. Where pads or tampons soak the menstrual blood, the cups just collect them. Hence they can be worn much longer. It also erases all chance of having TCS (Toxic Shock Syndrome),  a rare bacterial disease that is caused if one wears a tampon for a long time.


Let’s face the facts. India produces tons and tons of waste every year and a large part of it is not bio-degradable. In spite of Government’s stringent rule about plastic products, the plastic pollution is at its brim and the results are visible in every city. Most menstrual cups are reusable, hence creating zero waste, the most convenient eco-friendly method that we can vouch for.

Safe For Young Women

Menstrual cups are completely safe for young women who are just getting periods. Although they should use a smaller cup size as inserting the cup for young women can be a bit difficult.

Safe For Virgins 

Women who are not engaged in any sexual activities can use this cup. As long as a woman is comfortable with her own body and period, menstrual cups will not cause any additional harm.

Do Menstrual Cups Stretch Your Vagina?

One of the biggest myth about menstrual cups say that it can stretch your vagina, hence it won’t go back to its original size. The muscles in a vagina are pretty flexible and they can pretty much go back to its original shape without causing any stretch.

How To Use A Menstrual Cup?

Using a menstrual cup is extremely easy and only the insertion part is the trickiest. While inserting the cup, folding it into a C-shape and gently put it upwards. You may need to rotate the cup once it is inserted to place it right.

What you must do!

Before using the menstrual cups, make sure to sterilize them in boiled water for 3-5 minutes and repeat the same once the period is over.

During the time of menstruation, once the cup is filled, remove it from the vagina and give it a good rinse with soap.

What you shouldn’t!

In case of irritation or skin rashes, remove the cup immediately and do not wear it until you check with your doctor.

Do not share the cups with any other women as it can risk to bacterial exposure.

If you are confused about what brand to go for, let’s take a look at the best brands of menstrual cups which are available in India.

Some of the brands which are widely available across India are – Silky Cup, SanNap Reusable Cups, Sirona Pad Free Periods Menstrual Cups, Wow Menstrual Cups, Rustic Art Menstrual Cups, 5DAYSCUP, Icare Hygienic Medical Silicone Reusable Menstrual Cup and Everteen Menstrual Cup. 

In India, the price of the menstrual cups starts from 200/- onwards. You can choose your cups according to your budget, size, and thickness of the cup.

We say, before going to opt for a menstrual cup, do your own research and find your comfortable brand. It may also take some time to get adjusted to the cups. So if you aren’t comfortable with the idea right away, give it time and you can always try again when you are ready to make the big change!

Just remember, this one change can save the environment as well as bring a better hygienic habit for your menstrual health!

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