Providing breathable organic clothing – Stretchery

Providing breathable organic clothing – Stretchery

Jeenie Madan and Nirali Mehta start every day in their entrepreneurial journey skyping between Indian and San Francisco. Working out of 2 different continents, the womenpreneurs have started and established an organic fitness clothing line, Stretchery, and are completing 2 years at it! “We believe that people should be sensitive towards right clothing and environmental impact of their clothes,” say the founders.

But it’s this urge to do something that you really believe in or and urge to challenge yourself that makes you take the next step and once you know, you just follow it through.

Jeenie and Nirali were working in the corporate sector with brands like British Airways and Tanishq before they took the entrepreneurial plunge. They started Stretchery with the idea of providing soft, breathable and comfortable organic cotton fitness apparels to the masses. “To know what you want to do and take a leap to do that definitely is not an easy process, but we were convinced of our idea and product” says Nirali, who designed jewellery prior to starting up. What started with small sketches and some thoughts ended up becoming a unique active wear, and the brand is launching their second collection soon!

Their clothes are bright and breezy allowing one to stretch at ease. Made of 95% organic cotton and 5% lycra, the clothes use ecofriendly dyes. Their unique collection of tops, t-shirts and pants are perfect to the details and tailored fit for those living an active life.

Jeenie moved to San Francisco just when we were about to launch Stretchery.

There are all kinds of challenges while starting up, it all depends how you perceive it. For the founders, the biggest challenges was a shift in their lifestyle. “From changing cities to social surroundings and work ethics, it was all new to us!” says Jeenie. “When I moved to San Francisco, we took our time to plan how we would take Stretchery ahead, we were not giving up,” she adds. Being self-funded and self-driven, the founders knew it would not be easy to do all this sitting in two different continents. “But we could not stop at that point so we got our act together to make this happen and make it something we are proud of,” adds Nirali.

One of our biggest struggles has been getting our production in time.

“It hasn’t been a smooth sailing for Stretchery, from the point we started to design, to finding a vendor to selling it, but our determination and family support has kept us going!” say the founders. Like other entrepreneurs, they work 24/7 and are on emails all weekend. “We struggle a lot with time. Getting the right work-life balance is a bit difficult when you start something like this,” they add.

Every time Stretchery is acknowledged for its work, it serves as an encouragement to do more and work towards making it better.

Nirali and Jeenie believe that they have transformed for good and learnt a lot of patience, perseverance in the last 2 years. “We have discovered new aspects of ourselves and it has been an amazing experience till now!” says Nirali. The founders recommend future womenpreneurs to challenge themselves. “You will be surprised to see what you can do. If you are determined, nothing will stop you from doing what you want to!” adds Jeenie.

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