Lokatantra Founder Tannisha Avarrsekar on Authenticity and Politics of Information

“Be as you wish to seem.”

If you are trying to do something and put up a persona that’s not authentic, more often than not people can tell, says Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Lokatantra, Tannisha Avarrsekar.

Lokatantra is one of a kind, digital democracy portal, of the people, by the people and for the people. They bring authentic information on everything you would need to know about the electoral candidates. Tannisha candidly shares if there’s anything about an electoral candidate on the internet, any webpage, any information, the chances are we have gone through it at least once. In the current scenario of media laced with propaganda and fake news, Lokatantra is a breath of fresh air and enlightenment for people of the republic.

“Lokatantra is impartial & not neutral. The difference between the two is that neutrality comes with a certain sense of indifference.”

This profound statement by the Editor-in-chief of Lokatantra emphasizes the intricate difference between neutrality and impartiality. The critical, authentic and mindful nature of the information they put out is always backed with references and trusted sources. She says “We either put both sides of the story or no side of the story,” which allows readers to make their own minds. The impartial nature of the information they provide makes them reliable, authentic and illuminating.

Regardless of being impartial and authentic, Tannisha embraces the brash nature of fast news and its consumers by conveying that “People who don’t want to believe you, will not believe you regardless of what you do, whether it’s honest or not.”

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