Nidhisha Varshney Says ‘FitMeIn’

Nidhisha Varshney Says ‘FitMeIn’

Nidhisha Varshney was working with by Vishesh Goel and Lalit Singh at Ernst and Young. One evening, over coffee, the trio happened to discuss the kind of impositions that held them from gymming and working out.

They realized that they could hardly spare a second for their regular workout schedules. Sometimes, they were at a different locations when they wanted to access their gyms, or were totally bored of their regular routine.

Thus was born FitMeIn, an online platform for people to access, utilize and enjoy countless fitness options. Started in June 2015 in Delhi, they provide an option for customers to choose from zumba, yoga, gym, bollyfit, swimming across 700+ fitness studios/gyms in Delhi NCR & Mumbai, whenever and wherever they like.

It was this simple idea to lead a fuller and healthier lifestyle that made us start-up!

Born out of curiosity and experimentation, they are helping people to see how rewarding it can be to have a fitness routine. When Nidhisha decided to start-up, her parents were sceptical about the choosing the ‘unconventional’ route from a career perspective. “Today, my parents are the first ones to participate in the group workouts we organize across the city,” she says proudly.

Family is the base camp where you load yourself with mental ammunition to work on everyday challenges and move towards your goal, says the founder

Seed funded through GHV accelerator, the start-up allows its member is free to do whatsoever he desires with his FITCOINS (virtual currency). “FitMeIn makes comfort and freedom an easy availability to its users who have grown sick of boring gym routines,” says Varshney. While living a dream and building something that helps people, the founder says it’s been a roller coaster ride.

“We face several challenges in our daily operations and further growth aspects of the business but we take it in our stride and sail our way through for the larger scheme of things,” she adds.

I find a strong support system in my two co-founders. They push me everyday to improve and help me attain my objectives faster. Being unconventional or following your heart is not easy. It takes courage and perseverance which highlights the importance of the support from Fathers/Brothers or Husbands. The support plays an essential role in how well can one grow and develop in their respective field. Nidhisha strongly urges all the male members of society to support their women in their endeavours and believes that the women will create wonders. “I think it’s time we change the way we think about our women and let them live freely so that they can equally participate in the Indian growth story,” she states.

Nidhisha says that she has changed completely in the journey. “The outlook towards various aspects of life has changed tremendously and I believe for the better. I am on a steep learning and growth curve working towards enhancing my skills, being more focused and compassionate,” she says.

As a message to future womenpreneurs, Varshney end by saying, “Follow your heart and discover your calling, go after it a 1000% and you’ll see life will be awesome.”

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