The Startup Story of an Indian Wedding Planner – Minnat Lalpuria

The Startup Story of an Indian Wedding Planner – Minnat Lalpuria

Indian women are dreamers and mostly all of us grew up reading fairytales! Today, Weddings too are no less than a dream. They are now a synonym for a lucrative business. With 7Vachan, Minnat Lalpuria has managed to still keep the sounds of traditional bells audible for her customers. Her startup story is not just inspiring but also worth mentioning.

“7vachan isn’t a business; it is a reliable shoulder people can lean on when planning to tie a knot. Our team doesn’t see profits before people, rather we first take care of people, fulfill our promises and then look at profit” , says the founder

The concept of a wedding planner originally came from the West but the Indian Market seems to have picked it up quite quickly. A wedding planner is like a lavish buffet with a long list of options but you end up taking a package tailored for various events. Whereas, on the other hand an ala-carte is more lavish and gives a personalised touch. A wedding planner should help in creating a customised experience which is tasteful and unique.

She says, “We dream, to completely take stress off the lovely to-be wed couples and their family, to let them enjoy and cherish every second of their vows and new beginnings”.

Finding a suitable wedding venue is the most expensive decision. Minnat believes in  travelling an extra mile for her customers to present them with options which may have never occurred to you or thought they were unaffordable. The company has build individual relations with every hotel chain over the past 4 years and maintains a high conversion ratio with them.

“Remember the joy of finding money in your jeans pocket after a wash? Priceless.. isn’t it? So, with weddings an event which is so big, we like to keep it simple, transparent and act as a family. At the end of the day.. relations matter the most be it with professional fellows or a family availing our services” , says Minnat Lalpuria

Competition is good and if it is a healthy competition, it is fun and challenging! Getting on to the competition means recognition and acceptance of your ideas & thoughts in the market and by the people. Minnat believes that 7vachan will never stop creating more and more options for it’s customers to pave way into wonderful weddings.

Now a days, more  Indian women wedding planning startups exist in the market which makes it seem like a woman’s job. But, a wedding brings together, a man & a woman, so why not both men and women be in the business of creating weddings? If one believes in love, unity & weddings.. even a man can do it!

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