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Racing Adulthood by Balancing Work and Life

Racing Adulthood by Balancing Work and Life

If you are a fumbling young professional who is grappling with responsibilities at the professional front as well as the personal front then we are here to help!

According to a report by the National Sample Survey Office, Indians work longer hours than the rest of their peers in the global scenario. The average hours that an Indian employee works in a week is cited to be 53 – 54 hours. So, if young India is so busy at their professional front, how do they cope with their personal lives? Work-life balance is the answer.

The young working women of India do not let anything hamper their stride. They are out to achieve wonders and in that journey striking a work-life balance is one of the many skills they have mastered.

A work-life balance enables an individual to manage and hone every area of their life. The main elements that every young professional should adopt to strike the BALANCE are:

Plan your empire 

23-year-old, Shreya Dutta, who works as a fraud analyst says, “An important lesson that I’ve learnt is that it is crucial to segregate your time and stick to your to-do list. She further adds “When you’re independent and working, every single step that you take is a strategy to create your empire, so plan well, Ladies!”

Short-term goals

The satisfaction of ticking off things from your to-do-list is the best high! Set short-term goals for yourself and follow them through to successfully juggle every area of your life. “I am not only a working woman, I am a student as well. So, juggling between work, studies and life in general could be really tough,” says 25-year-old Shivangi Paul. She further adds that “I am still learning to balance each of them but I try to set daily goals in order to achieve best in all the areas of my life.

Put yourself first on your list of priorities

You should be your first priority. You make the world happen so don’t forget to take care of yourself in the haste of looking after everything else. Young Advocate, Sunaina Srinivasan says that “It’s about creating a routine, about focusing all your energy on work when its required but also realising that for your energy to flow towards work you need to recharge yourself and that doesn’t exist if you don’t take care of yourself. You create all that is around you, so if you don’t take care of yourself nothing else around you works as it should. Organise your schedule and adhere to the goals you set for yourself on a daily basis.”

A good support system makes life better

A good support system back at home made up of understanding family and friends enriches a person’s life and makes it stress free. 29-year-old Project Manager, Vaani Anand, believes that a good support system of family and friends is the key to strike a work-life balance. She says “I have very understanding parents and a partner. So, even If I come back home late from work, they don’t say anything to me.”

Go with the flow

You cannot control every aspect of your life. Sometimes all you can do is go with the flow to make the best out of every situation. “I tackle whatever comes first and handle things one at a time,” says 24-year-old Telecom Engineer, Ameya Harshita Shrivastav.

Prescribe yourself a detox

Sometimes laying low and detoxing is the crucial key to a better performance! Give yourself a break every once in a while and don’t burn out before you truly shine. Social Media strategist, Rupal Borge identifies: “I always try to detox and take out time for myself, like a little me-time or something. I could either read at that time, go for a movie or maybe spend time with friends. I stay away from home so I need to engage myself in such activities which are constructively good for me.”

“If you don’t strike the right balance between work and personal life then it’ll start hampering your everyday life.” 

Adulthood is hard, but if we take each day as it comes, organise our lives with an eye towards the future, life becomes really simple.

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