Living On Your Own is REAL EMPOWERMENT, Ladies!

Living On Your Own is REAL EMPOWERMENT, Ladies!

The coming-of-age movies taught us that discovering yourself means going off on a tangent, however, real-life doesn’t have to be that complicated. The grand journey of self-discovery often starts with the simplistic first step of living on your own. 

Some might say that the concept of moving out came from the West, but have you ever noticed birds right outside your window? Even little birds leave their nest, spread their wings and fly in the process of growing up, then why is it not as customary a process in the human world?

“House party! No curfew! My house my rules! Sanskar ka antim-sanskar.”

Hold your horses, that’s not really a true picture of what happens when you move out. Now, remove your fogged glasses of ignorance, and read below to find out what exactly happens when you live on your own.


Your intricate voyage of self-discovery begins when you live on your own. Finding out who you are, away from the family is a crucial step in adulting. Natàlia de Entrerríos, a 22-year-old student, believes that living on your own gives a person the opportunity to grow and explore their individuality, irrespective of their roles of a daughter or a sister.

Freedom with responsibility

“With great freedom comes great responsibility,” says 23-year-old, Aditi Pradhan, who has lived away from her family for over six years now. The native of Kurseong, Darjeeling, elaborates more by saying that people also learn to become “dependent on themselves.” Living on your own sure makes you the master of your will but you learn to exercise that will with mindfulness.


Moving out of your comfort zone, where your family takes care of everything for you, can be transforming. Living on your own teaches you not only how to take care of yourself but also the craft of taking care of other little things around you. “You finally learn to do small things by yourself that were done by others when you lived with a family. For example, when you worry about dinner, laundry, bills and cleanliness of your place then you know that you are truly living on your own,” professes 25-year-old, Shivangi Paul, who has lived on her own for three years now. Just living on your own doesn’t make you a full-fledged adult. You become one of those when you get back from a tiring day at work and then cook food for the evening, when you pay bills and know how to self-sustain without anyone else’s help.

Strike a balance

The key to a harmonious life is to strike a balance between your personal, professional and social life. You learn to choose your everyday battles wisely. The mantra to succeed in adulthood is to strike a balance between different spheres of your life.

Money management

Gone are the days when pocket money was the only thing you had to manage. Living on your own makes you money savvy and helps you to learn the art of managing finances. You develop the edge of being street smart which every independent individual requires to sustain in this day and age.

Respect for boundaries and personal space

Indian families often don’t follow the concept of personal space and me-time. However, when you start living on your own and get a taste of personal space then you learn the importance of me-time as well as the vitality of boundaries.

Importance of home

Living on your own makes you realise the importance of home and family. Independence and individuality give you a new height and family keeps your roots intact. A harmonious balance between the two is the ideal situation that induces growth.

Explore your individuality and welcome the new phase of your life by living on your own. No wonders have ever been achieved by people who cling to their comfort zone. So take that risk, venture beyond the edge and witness your new avatar.


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