Snap Chat & The Vertical Video Syndrome!

Snap Chat & The Vertical Video Syndrome!

Since time immemorial videos have been horizontal. And that’s the way that appeals the eye. But Gen Y had different plans.

Vertical videos were immensely ridiculed at one point of time. A satirical video released by Glove and Boots, (a puppet series on Youtube) on ridiculing vertical videos hit a staggering 67 million views in eighteen months!

Vertical videos used to be a joke once upon a time. People who wouldn’t know how to shoot a video would be taking vertical videos, only to get horrific reviews.

Contrary to this popular belief, people now prefer vertical videos! 

However, off late vertical videos have become immensely popular and the single media company that has taken the ultimate advantage of this entertainment format is Snapchat! Now these videos have become a popular form of entertainment!

Initially when Snapchat launched; it was more of a curiosity rather than entertainment. A video disappearing after viewing was a concept too intriguing! Today Snapchat has more than a 100 million users!

Because Snapchat uses only vertical videos, popular channels like MTV, are changing their assumptions about vertical videos! Surprisingly even for non-users Snapchat is mystifying! But the vertical video trend is here to stay!

It’s time that YouTube acknowledges the reality of vertical videos and we might find it giving us a decent experience for watching them! The mockup videos on You Tube show that YouTube can give us a vertical player and still provide us with all they currently do, including the infamous YouTube comments!


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