The Bold and Bombastic: Parineeti Chopra

The Bold and Bombastic: Parineeti Chopra

I want to be an actress , not just a heroine – Parineeti Chopra

The so called “bubbly” actress of the Indian Film industry has left no stone unturned to prove that she is a great combination of good acting, good dancing and superb dialogue delivery. Initially, when she entered the film industry, she was constantly compared with her sister Priyanka Chopra, which kind of bothered her all the time. Being a part of the same family, she has always considered Priyanka Chopra to be her icon but she wanted to make her own separate identity which is unique to her personality. She survived in the industry even after bring ridiculed for the chubby look, her weight issues and her dressing sense as well. People loved her performances and her bluntness with her dialogue delivery. She succeeded in proving that talent is more important than just having extraordinary looks and it is evident from her box office records and her “no so harsh reviews” from the critics.

All in all Parineeti Chopra has never failed to surprise us with her performances.

She always hated it when people called her “bubbly”. She was quite happy with how she looked until the judgements of the society and the whole of Bollywood bombarded her with the definition of the so called the “the perfect Bollywood heroine”. She took her own time to know what she wanted and here it is. Although, she is still not like the typical Bollywood heroine material, she is on her way to prove that its not hard and she has the determination to do what she wants to but when the time is right.

The time is here and she is all set to prove that “bubbly” is not the word for her.

An inspirational photoshoot with some bold and bombastic titles is here to prove it that she is #builtthatway

The photoshoot is not like any other fashion photoshoot, which is full of royal drapes and beautiful backgrounds. This is an unconventional and an inspirational collection of pictures which is aimed at empowering women and inspiring them. Parineeti Chopra, has been quite successful in proving her point with her newly built pair of sexy legs and her well toned abs.

She is here to inspire and empower.

Kudos to Parineeti Chopra for her newly built sexy look


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