Kulpreet Kaur is Leading the Shopping Coupons Industry in India

Kulpreet Kaur is Leading the Shopping Coupons Industry in India

I love the freedom to think, actively take up more challenges, , meeting new people, thinking innovatively, and being a great leader, everything Motivates me to give my best everyday. – Kulpreet Kaur

Since childhood itself, Kulpreet wanted to carve a niche for her and fulfill her father’s expectations who always wanted to see her as an achiever . Been blessed with supporting parents and a mother-like sister, she was encouraged to take up challenges in her life.

Originally from Bhopal, Kulpreet faced a lot of challenges. However, with her parents’ encouragement and after marriage family support enabled her to fulfill her dreams.  Kulpreet says ” Women should be respected for they are be it a Housewife/professional/entrepreneur. Gone are the days, when the woman was supposed to dream her husband’s dream. Today, she has her own dreams, visions of future and goals. She seeks a life-partner who will walk with her on the journey of her dreams”

Kulpreet started her journey with IBEE Solutions, where she worked for 8 years and proved her competencies. Post that once she felt now there is the time to start her business she launched her first company in 2013 with her partner Suresh Kumar ‘ Shop Pirate Coupons. Shop Pirate – The idea behind the name was to loot the best deals and coupons for the shoppers.

“When I decided to take the plunge to be an entrepreneur there were lot of mixed responses from family and friends to go for it or not, I was ruthless about eliminating any negativity out of my life – because a negative mind can’t give a positive life! One to learn fast how to keep the noise out and only to listen to what matters” says Kulpreet

Smitten by online shopping and discount coupons, Kulpreet wanted to offer shoppers more than just coupons- one complete platform where in users can trust yes they will for sure save with shop pirate.  So, with the thought to create an online marketplace that would not only offers latest working coupons but also address the fear amongst shoppers through its genuine and transparent operations, Shop Pirate was brought into existence. Now,  Shoppers can save with us from any device and anywhere with Shop Pirate on Web, Mobile Browser, Mobile Apps.

“Shop Pirate is not just a platform to give shoppers online discount coupons but much more than that where in we offer exclusive codes, cashback offers and hot products. With user friendly UI it is very easy for shoppers to search for brand, product or store offers” says the founder.

According to the founder, Mobile is the next big thing. The smart phone boom with 240 million smart phone users in India has given a big boost to digital couponing, especially mobile couponing. Businesses see it as a highly effective instrument in increasing customer loyalty and are coming up with mobile coupons to lure young Indians who are hooked onto their mobiles. User can search for store offers or category based coupons like mobile recharge coupons, bus ticket offers” .  https://www.shoppirate.in/view/mobikwik

Within 3 years of inception, Shop Pirate is now regarded as one of the top most ecoupons company with more than 3 lacs subscribers, which says all about Kulpreet and her efforts. The company is funded by Confidance Holdings who invested in the company in 2013.

Kulpreet Kaur is a  true role model for every woman who dreams to take on the world with her own set of rules and aspirations. Moreover her willingness to excel, a deep-rooted understanding of the marketing tactics and diversified exposure helped her in boosting her business acumen and learn useful lessons of entrepreneurship.

She also looked after various strategic and operational activities like basic implementation of business strategies, negotiation and fund raising. Being a keen observer, smart learner and strong-headed woman, she never shied away from taking up entrepreneurial challenges.

Think big, dream big and then go for it! Plan carefully (but not too carefully!), have a business strategy in place and ensure you surround yourself with a strong network of skilled people who can help you build and grow your business.When plan A doesn’t work there are 25 more letters in the alphabet- so stay calm and keep going!”

Visit the website :  https://www.shoppirate.in

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