The entrepreneurial 4th generation daughters of Agarwal Family

The entrepreneurial 4th generation daughters of Agarwal Family

Born into a household of gold and silver jewellery dealers, Akshya Agarwal and Vishakha Agarwal always believed in doing something non-conventional to add style to people and their homes. So after the sisters were done studying, they went ahead to start-up instead of joining the family business. While Vishakha was designing innovative jewellery for the masses, Akshya was helping people beautify their home décor! Feministaa brings you an exclusive story of how the sisters are running their business and helping each other grow.

“I always knew I had something towards furnishing houses, centrepieces and ornamentation,” says Akshya. Making the most of her skillset, she started up Bhrti : Home Decor & Giftables right after her MBA last year. With a unique offering of hand-carved brass and onyx made articles, the startup has expanded to introduce a line of scented candles that are smokeless and eco-friendly.

A studious girl in school and college, Akshya never thought she would be an entrepreneur. The founder believes that her entrepreneurial journey has been smoother with immense support and guidance from her father. “My whole family has been very supportive of my choices to start-up and inspire me to do better every day,” adds the founder.

Vishakha on the other hand followed her father’s footsteps for good 5 years to learn the inside out of her family business before she launched her own jewellery brand Gharaz. “Having seen creativity of jewellery by birth, I always wanted to be a jewellery designer,” says the founder. Gharaz’s jewellery in Diamond, Silver, Agates, Polki, Precious and semi-precious stones are uniquely designed to add glam to people’s look. “I was never artistic, but I always wanted to do what I am doing today. I took up sketching lessons and studied designing to get where I am today,” says the founder.

These sisters have proven that women can do anything that men can, and much more. “Our parents have raised us to be entrepreneurial and never stopped us from taking any decision in our business,” says Akshya. Living through each other’s entrepreneurial journeys, the sisters support each other in their work. “Vishakha helps me with Sales and Designing for the home décor products,” she adds.

Like other womenpreneurs, the sisters also face challenges in innovating products that would appeal to people, and expand their reach in the market. Being in the traditional business of Manufacturing and exporting, the 4th generation daughters are taking it online to increase sales and profits.

As a message for future womenpreneurs, Vishakha says

“If you want to be something you have to take a step for yourself. I had to take up art lessons to learn designing, and it was totally worth it.”

The younger sister adds

“Women are creative from birth, and good at multitasking. Just make the most of the two and explore yourself, you will be surprised to know what you find.”

Feministaa wishes the sisters best in their business.

Akshya’s Website :

Bhrti on facebook : @bhrtihomedecorandgiftables

Vishakha’s Website :

Gharaz on facebook : @gharazbyvishakha


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