The 10 Most Remarkable Fathers

The 10 Most Remarkable Fathers

A child’s relationship with his or her father is one of the most incipient and important relationships. No wonder,  the obvious is never really a cliché – being a dad is not easy. It is a difficult, yet a rewarding role that is so fraught with varied emotions that translates to literature and cinematic gold. The relationship between a daughter and a father (or a son and a father) is rarely simple and extremely unique. Father themed books and movies guaranteed to make us smile and get misty eyed, all at the same time.

Here are some movies that you can enjoy this father’s day with your dad.

The book explores many issues of the titular character, Elizabeth, in the society of the landed gentry of the British regency. Among the many relationships in her life, the relationship with her father, Mr. Bennet, draws attention. Mr. Bennet has his flaws. On one hand he dotes on his daughters and is the wind beneath Lizzy’s wings, her progressive mind. But he has his imperfections when it comes to voicing his opinions about big decisions. Well to put that at rest, he is only human. It is in his spirit that he sets an example of a great dad.

Moral fiber, the words synonymous to Atticus Finch in the book ‘To kill a mocking bird’. He comes across as dignified, determined and brave and sets an excellent example for his two kids. A book that was adapted as a movie (just like Pride and Prejudice) Atticus Finch is a devoted single dad who teaches his children by example. The relationship between Atticus and his daughter is particularly endearing which also makes him one of the greatest movie hero of the 20th century (American Film Institute)

Life is beautiful explores the beautiful and hopeful relationship between a father and a son in a Nazi concentration camp. Now for a subject so grave one might think that this movie will be a real tear jerker. It is really not. The father in the movie, played by Roberto Benigni, paints a beautiful world for his son in what can be called as one of the darkest times in the history of humanity. He shields his son from the gruesome realities of the camp and makes it an event, a game that they play. He is hopeful for his son and makes sacrifices for his family, one that is retold by the son as part of narration.

Steve Martin as the over protective father who refuses to let his little girl grow up and go makes for quite a hilarious movie. What it also makes for is an exploration of that bitter sweet moment which as happy as it is sad – when a daughter gets married. While I haven’t seen the original that this one is a remake of, I am sure that it is as entertaining as the modern remake.

Now this one is a real tear jerker. I am Sam is an American drama film starring Sean Penn as a father with developmental disability. Following an abandonment by the mother, Sam raises his daughter despite the limitations with the help of a support group. Lucy, the daughter is mentally sound and provided with a caring and loving environment. The movie explores the bond between the father and the daughter and how he fights a battle to prove he is legally fit to take care of his daughter despite his disability. Sam portrays a loving and a caring father who would go to any lengths to provide for his daughter, what she deserves.

Who did not get totally bowled over by this movie? The animation is about an overprotective father (fish) who dotes on his son and lives with the constant fear of losing him. It is also about the quest of this father who literally crosses oceans to find his son when he gets lost. A beautiful movie that dives into the protective and possessive qualities of a man that makes him such a good parent.

A book by Charles Dickens, Christmas Carol was the first story I loved reading way back in school (the abridged pay version). Sure the book is about the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future that change the way Ebenezer Scrooge lives his life, but part of it explores the beautiful relationship of Bob Cratchit and his children. Despite trying circumstances, he is empathetic and patient. His bond with his children, notably the crippled Tiny Tim, is one that all fathers would do well to emulate.

This is one of the best movies of Will Smith that stars his own son in the role of his son. A movie that explores the one year struggle of Chris Gardner. The screenplay of the movie is based on the memoir of Gardner. In the heart of the movie is the relationship of Gardner with his son and his unwillingness to part from him despite the poverty he experiences. The moments of washing and making him food, the game at the station, working two jobs to provide for him and finally sharing the happiness of the achievement with his son, a must watch!

A father can be everything to a child. From a mentor, to a friend, to a partner in crime. Robin Williams is everything and more in this movie. He plays the role of nanny in a desperate attempt to be with his kids after a bitter divorce. A comedy that has its amazing moments that leave you teary eyed, tit was also remade in Hindi as Chachi 420 which was quite great as well.

Last but certainly not the least, the movie may have released way back but it was only recently that I watched it. A black comedy that is about a family that travels cross country to get their daughter into the finals of a beauty pageant. In many ways it is a love story between the father and the daughter. A dysfunctional family of which the father, Richard, is a part of but the beauty of movie lies in its moments & the end. Richard is determined to persevere in his dream, but he happily puts it aside to serve the needs of his daughter Olive.

Enjoy these movies and these books this father’s day. They will help you appreciate the subtlety in the bond that you share with your dad.


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