The Style Queen of Bhambla- Kangana Ranaut

From a small hilly town of Bhambla, to the glamorous melodramatic headquarters of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut’s tumultuous rise to fame as not only an actor, but also a fashionista can be called nothing short of a transcendence.

Leaving behind the days of mockery and the judgment filled eyes, she seems to have sailed through stages of painstakingly straightened hair, eye-hurting embellished gowns and ghastly looking make-up. Now, she is on the rise up to the title of one of India’s, ‘Most Glamorous Woman’. In the most unforgiving industry of all, Kangana seems to have mastered the art of ‘standing out’, whether be it as free-spirited Rani (Queen) or the eccentric ‘Tanu’ in the movie, “ Tanu Weds Manu”.

This out-spoken Himachal beauty has very swiftly and fiercely created a tombstone for herself. She had something to prove to every individual who had doubted her, made fun of her peculiar accent and of a few of her questionable dressing choices. She has made it clear that she too is a fighter, especially looking back at her commendable transformation from a pretty dewy girl to an urban chic goddess.

Intrepid fashion choices, aiming at maximum impact with a minimal effort are her go to strategy. She doesn’t seem to shy away from bold prints, be it candies, birds, postcards or flowers. Nothing seems to be off the guest list of this diva and what is surprising is how effortless and natural she looks.

In this caked up industry, her unruly curly locks especially when complimented by her raw looks, the charisma, the oomph factor and the honest opinions hit you like a breath of fresh air.

Her Smokey eyes, the 90’s hairdo, the pastel skater dress and the ‘Mini lady Dior’. Oh yes !!

Aside from her love for international beauties like Burberry and Dior, she also has a huge line of Indian favorites ranging from the likes of Masaba, Bibhu Mohapatra, Sabyasachi to recently famed labels like Pero by Aneeth Arora.

Not only her red carpet looks are nailed to perfection but also her I’m just-out-of-a-9hour-flight ones with printed T-shirts, striped midi dresses and denim over denims. Now only if we looked as good as her after a 9-hour flight!

She conflicts her flirtatiously feminine aura time and again, rather sassily, when dressed in pants and suit along with a sophisticated au naturel à la Ranaut hairstyle, looking as drool worthy as a 6-inch pizza. Oozing sexiness to another level, Kangana once again proved her style quotient in the heavily sequined Tom Ford dress with fishnets, shutting every insensitive paparazzi who previously ridiculed her for her fashion choices.

PC : The Indian Express

This enchanted beauty casts a spell on every person she stumbles along, hitting every curve ball thrown at her. She is not only a packet of sass, sophistication and style but also one of the finest female actors of this decade, imbibing power to thousands of twinkle-eyed small towns girls like her aspiring to be something and someone in this industry.

She is no longer the 19-year old girl, scared, away from home in the hopes of making it big in shark-filled sea, rather a two-time National award winner with fashion seated deep into her bones, at the center of attraction of all the lenses, but this time for a different reason, her impeccable style.

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