Things you need to know when trying to LOSE WEIGHT

How to Lose Weight for Women | Fastest Way to Lose Weight for Woman

Having a cup of green tea after having a five-course meal doesn’t mean you have burnt all the useless calories you just swallowed.

Leaving alcohol for months and then participating in binge drinking is the worst thing you could do to your body

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If you want to leave sugar, just stop looking for substitutes. Diet coke and sugar free are not the best options.

Don’t imitate someone else’s diet. Your body has a completely different rate of metabolism and different needs as well.


If you want a flat belly, you need to know that your diet will do 60% of the work and the rest is your workout regime.

Leaving your favorite things like chocolate and coffee is a temporary way of losing weight, you can consume them in the most moderate quantities and still manage to lose weight.

Losing weight is not directly proportional to your determination. That’s a myth. It is important that you have healthy eating habits in your daily routine. That will do most of the work.

Gluten allergy is a common disorder. Go to a doctor and get suitable examinations done if you body reacts to gluten in a negative way. It’s not a trend but an eating disorder, which needs awareness.

Your body is not easy to understand. You should notice and analyze how your body responds to different kinds of food and how is it affecting your body.


Losing weight is not easy. But, if you make it less of a mission and more of a lifestyle, you will be a winner.

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