Vodafone’s Kavita Nair is Happy To Help

Kavita Nair joined as the first female product manager at Vodafone. And she has never looked back ever since! Very few people know this about Kavita, she talks to her grandmother once at a fixed time every single day!

Grounded and enthusiastic as ever, Kavita Nair has had a long, exhausting yet enthralling journey to the position at which she stands today. Heading Retail and Digital India, Vodafone, Kavita Nair today is one of the highest paid women in the country.

An icon to all the women at her workplace, Kavita sits with her creative team, along with the founders of Feministaa in one of the conference rooms. The Vodafone office, looks like a huge modern office space just like those in New York. Huge ceilings, glass stair cases; and the best part, no cubicles!

It was hard to imagine the brand with the country’s largest retail footprint “working” in an environment like that! That seemed more like a young start up office to us!

Nervously, we waited for her to arrive. It had taken us over six months of continuous perusal to get this date and finally the day had arrived. We had seen her only in the business magazines and newspapers. Never had the privilege to listen to her.

With mixed thoughts about her, we waited.

And the first glimpse caught us unguarded! Kavita is genuinely one of the most happy go lucky women we have ever met. The room radiated with her energy. And her smile, completely rejuvenated the staff around her.

17 years ago when she started her career at Vodafone, things like diversity never existed. Today, she feels that women realise all by themselves that they are worth a lot more than just house chores.

For someone who has come from a small town in Madhya Pradesh, to where she is today, Kavita did not once come across as a rebellious person.

She stated many times, that problems must be resolved. Cribbing over things, just make the situations worse.

Surprisingly, she is not of the idea, that women should leave their household responsibilities if they are working really hard. She claims that there are times, when things get really really tough for women. But at the end of the day, fundamentally, women are the nurturers, and the caregivers. Agree or not, households are more dependent on women than men. Thus, our homes, need our attention more than the man’s attention.

Kavita clearly states that more and more number of women deny this fact today. but at the root level, women shouldn’t shun their household responsibilities.

A pampering and loving wife, the prima ballerina of Vodafone India, cooks exactly the way her husband loves to have his idlis. She proudly stated, that her husband loves to eat food when she cooks! Kavita came across as a very responsible homemaker as well. She did not have household help in the initial struggle of her career! To a woman today, that would be catastrophic!

Kavita is a lady, who seemed like a complete balance in herself. She discussed the “usual” womanly problems in the conference room before her interview with a huge smile on her face! All she had to say was that problems do come, but its all about tackling them and not making a ruckus about it!

Watch her interview (Part 1) for more..


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