What To Do When Life Seems Stagnant ?

What To Do When Life Seems Stagnant ?

Being passionate about your work surely gives you a sense of fulfilment. To be able to sustain your happiness, its important that you love what you do. If you work towards something which gives you a fruitful result, it boosts your productivity. For a while, you love the routine and the discipline because you feel settled and organised in your space. This is the time you feel good about your work and your life in general. A good balance is something everyone strives for.

But how long can you sustain this balance ?

We are greedy humans and what we have with us is never enough. We die for more and we work for more. But, what if you don’t see anything ahead? what if you feel that you are stuck?. You start accepting life this way and start living life as it comes. Your expectations take a bow and you adjust your mood and expectations to the ‘availability’. You don’t demand more because what you want is now here so what’s next ?. Predicting the future is hard but working towards it, is always a good option. But, sometimes you don’t even know what you are working for and this dilemma bothers you. Don’t let this dilemma take over your mind and show you no direction. Don’t let your growth be stagnant. Make sure your goals are clear in your head and you can somewhat picture of what you are working towards.

When you stop growing, you stop loving your life. There should always be something to look forward to in life so let your growth be a dynamic factor. The idea lies in constantly trying to break the monotony. A balanced routine might give you happiness, but when the routine becomes a roadblock in experimenting  in life, it’s time for a change. Change is inevitable and working towards a change depends heavily on your willingness. Don’t go extreme with your change as that might hurt more than benefit you. A slow transition with a clear plan will show you a positive direction.

The idea is to have a plan but it is not necessary that the plan has to be perfect.

Let your growth be as dynamic and evolving as yourself. Make changes and bring out a newer you whenever routine strikes a monotony. Work hard towards your goals but work harder towards creating more. Don’t let boredom be the roadblock in your path to success. It will be then that you will realise how  content you are.

Being self fulfilled is a bliss not cherished by many. When you feel self fulfilled, happiness will follow and life will be more meaningful.

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