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Shubhika Sharma, the Chief Fashion Officer of Papa Don’t Preach is the founder of a unique line of women’s wear, based out of Mumbai. Shubhika is originally from Delhi and studied fashion designing in London. Like many, she was awestruck seeing the fashion statements that women had on Oxford street. She came back with the same notion, that many Indians come back home with, “I will change this. India needs better fashion wear, and I will give it to them.” only to come back and start Papa Don’t Preach.

Just like the song, Papa Don’t Preach, the colors and the designs, everything about PDP is as quirky, bold  and rebellious as it looks.   A rebel by nature, her clothes display her want for the unconventional and her desire to stand apart. From the choice of the brand name to her marketing strategies, she has successfully managed to create a unique identity for her fashion label. To launch her fashion label in the most coolest way,  she conducted and executed the first ever “fashion flash mob” in two of the famous Bombay night clubs. She started with a bang and she still strives to maintain that element of eccentricity in her approach.

“If you consistently make what you love to make, people will accept YOUR style , YOUR individuality”

Shubhika does not believe in walking on a straight line, she loves taking risks and learning from the results. For her, being a safe player is equivalent to not playing the game. She creates what she loves and she believes that eventually people will develop an understanding of her style and design.

Shubhika says “When a guy wants to buy a Bentley, its ambitious but when a woman wants to buy an LV, it’s a frivolous indulgence. WHY ?

The society has created certain “stereotypes” for women. In a society like ours, a man’s ambitions are taken more seriously than a woman’s. People are still behind in understanding that both men and women can have desires which are equally ambitious. Shubhika, being an ambitious woman by nature, had an interesting take on how the society views the wants of an ambitious woman.

“I want women to be bold and unconventional”

Shubhika stands for the bold and unconventional. Being venturesome herself, she fights constantly to maintain a soulful space with no limits through her creations which are directed towards sending out a strong message to the women out there. Her creations are quirky, edgy and definitely full of drama. The tagline, IF you love DRAMA, FASHION AND LOVE, you will love PAPA DON’T PREACH” is an apt statement considering the undaunted ensemble of clothes which are true products of an artistic mind. We love Papa don’t preach and we wish Shubhika all the best for her future endeavours.

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