Why Women Need to be Emotionally Intelligent

Why Women Need to be Emotionally Intelligent

Wikipedia defines Emotional Intelligence as the capacity of individuals to recognise their own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. Emotional Intelligence also reflects intelligence, empathy and other emotions which enhance thought and understanding of interpersonal dynamics.

According to communitycare.co.uk,  EI means how good someone is at:

a. Recognising emotions in themselves.

b. Recognising emotions in others.

c. Managing their own emotions.

d. Managing emotions in others.

Emotional Intelligence has the ability to boost one’s career. If you have a high emotional quotient then you are likely to perform well at your job. Emotional Intelligence is very important for any working woman and the ability to stand out from the crowd is innate . If used efficiently, Emotional intelligence can do wonders for your life and career. It helps in various ways.

Managing Relationships

From home to workplace, women have to interact with different people (family and colleagues) and it is very important to maintain good relations with the society in order to live a healthy social life. EI helps to recognise emotions of other people. Women with high EI can understand the behaviour and emotions of others very easily. So, if women try to develop their EI then they will be able to manage their relationships well with less or no disappointments.

Work Stress

Another big challenge is work stress. We all are familiar about the kind of work stress all women go through. It affects our mind, body and health in the most gruesome manner. Through EI, women can understand and comprehend their emotions well (Source: www.communitycare.co.uk)

 Job Performance

Many working women find it difficult to perform well at the workplace because of  reasons like health issues and certain conflicts at the workplace. EI can help you understand yourself through your emotions. You can understand your strengths and weaknesses in a much better way. Once you understand this, your confidence levels will boost up and you’ll be better at  managing your work according to your strengths and weaknesses.


In most of the small towns, women are not allowed to work and most of them end up getting married after graduation. Even if some women break certain stereotypes, the society never spares them. Social awareness is a skill that is gained through EI . Social awareness develops  in understanding emotions and feelings which helps women deal with such criticism.

Personality Development

Any woman is much more than her designation. She is a powerful individual who needs to grow in all spheres . But some women get trapped in daily chores and forget about themselves. EI helps to improve one’s personality by realising their behaviour, reactions and thinking processes.

Apart from the above factors, EI binds your mind, body and soul together and helps manage various problems in daily life .


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