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5 Amazing Fathers and their Equally Talented Daughters!

Amazing Fathers and their Equally Talented Daughters

This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate these 5 amazing fathers and their equally talented daughters!

There is no stopping to a girl who has a supportive father and this claim is time and again proved by these amazing dads who let their daughters go for their dreams, sometimes helping them to follow their own footsteps.

P.C. Sorcar and Maneka Sorcar

The living legend of Indian magic, P.C Sorcar Junior is father to Maneka Sorcar, a great magician in the making. Like her father, Maneka started practicing magic from a very young age. Today, she is considered the magic daughter of India.

Once P.C Sorcar Jr. himself said about his daughter – “The Goddess of Magic, Mahamaya Durga wants at least one lady magician like Queen Bhanumati in our family”

Mahavir Singh Phogat and daughters, Geeta and Babita Phogat

Thanks to Dangal film fame, almost every Indian now knows about the Phogat sisters and their struggle to win international wrestling titles. The sisters have always credited their father, Mahavir Singh Phogat to be the driving force behind their success. If it was not for him, then the sisters wouldn’t even have stepped into wrestling in the first place.

Prakash Chauhan and Schauna Chauhan Saluja

Just like father, Prakash Chauhan , Schauna Chauhan Saluja is also a fabulous, strong willed business tycoon. Presently, as the CEO of Parle Agro, Schauna Chauhan Saluja works alongside sister Nadia Chauhan to elevate the family business to greater heights.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and daughter Radhe Jaggi

Sadhguru, a visionary humanitarian raised his daughter Radhe Jaggi to become an amazing Bharatnatyam dancer. About her daughter, Sadhguru once said, “As she was rendering her last piece, the sky opened up and poured but she continued to dance – an enchanting moment it was.”

Subedar Meharban Singh Bhandari and Captain Neelam Bhandari

It was a proud moment for the Retired Subedar Meharban Singh Bhandari when he found himself walking beside his daughter, Captain Neelam Bhandari of 54 Engineering Regiment during march past in Rajpath on January 26. Both father and daughter love their country and it was this love that made daughter Neelam Bhandari join the army.

Do let us know if we have missed up on any father-daughter duo, who you think should have been in this list.

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