Ruchika Beri – The Marketer who Helped Grow Jewelove

Ruchika Beri – The Marketer who Helped Grow Jewelove

With 7 years of marketing experience, Ruchika Beri joined Jewelove, a platinum jewellery e-commerce website, the brainchild of founder Sambhav. Ruchika, soon after joining found her role extremely challenging, but as they say, the job never failed to excite her. It’s just been over a year, and Jewelove under the leadership of marketer Ruchika has already successfully ventured into an e-Commerce platform.


At present, Ruchika and her team consider themselves to be in a growing stage in the industry. The driven team under Ruchika wants to be recognized as the sole digital one-stop shop for platinum jewellery all over India. Personally, the lady wants to become a leading digital marketer in the country.

All the Challenges in Her Life

A marketer’s role is very challenging. When asked about the most difficult challenge Ruchika had ever had to face, the lady replied that convincing customers to buy jewellery online were one of the most difficult tasks in her life.  She says that most Indians are inclined to buy gold since they see it as a good investment perspective. She went on to describe that when it comes to buying something other than the clichéd sparkling matter, it becomes rather difficult to convince the customers.

“One has to be observant and grab the opportunity”

Another big challenge that Ruchika faces every now and then is fitting herself in the corporate set-up. According to her, learning becomes more difficult because of the tendency of everything becoming departmentalized in this particular industry.

While Ruchika thinks life is full of challenges, she also believes that it also gives us a lot of opportunities.

Leap of Faith or Sheer Self-Confidence

She has lived 8 years in Mumbai, shaping up her career graph in the best possible way. It was, in fact, a big leap of faith when the marketer took the decision of moving back to Jaipur. Having an empty canvas and some incredible marketing ideas in her mind, Ruchika painted the pink city in her own colour. Time tested her perseverance and patience, but the woman came and she conquered.

Things That Inspire

Ruchika is one young, energetic and creative business mind, who eats and sleeps on newest marketing strategies every day. She considers start-ups as an empowering and enriching journey, which she most absolutely would like to take up herself pretty soon in the future.

Ruchika finds inspiration in every human being who after starting from the scratch has achieved empowering fruits in its life. Her role models are namely, Steve Jobs, Ashish Hemrajani(Book My Show), Elon Musk, Shaheen Mistry (Teach India Campaign).

Ruchika is an avid reader and is a proud owner of over 150 books. Apart from her love for books, Ruchika also finds solace in listening to her favourite music, which she describes as a rejuvenating potion, helping her to come up with a fresher mind. Well, the creative mind also likes to spend time as a painter, which she says helps her in improving concentration.

Ruchika is a driven marketer with extensive years of experience in this field to create the most moving and audience oriented marketing strategies. We would like to wish her all the best for her current project Jewelove and for all her upcoming business prospects in the future.


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