A Beautiful Poem – “We Were Better As Apes”

A Beautiful Poem – “We Were Better As Apes”

Violence, misery, anguish, tears, all around,
And we stare with eyes wide open, as if blind.

Do we care enough?

Teenage women growing up with aids,
who says that the struggle could stop now days!

We were better as apes,
No exploitation no rapes!

‘God’ made her a woman;
it is her right to be treated as human!

Is she born a sinner?

Wearing colorful frocks herself,
she grew up trying on her mother’s make-up!

The innocence now remains lost,
caring about the society, she now silently bears assault!

You made her lose all the faith somehow.
Sincerity To you it wouldn’t matter and you don’t care anyhow.

Over the years the conflict has remained similar.
Whether “WOMAN” has “MAN” in it
or “MAN” comes from “WOMAN”
Recognition is by the endeavor.

What’s kept in the name?

However everybody is busy playing the game of fame.
It is a matter of absolute shame!

Truth is now often overlooked by the constitution;
citizens are somehow busy promoting prostitution!

The need of the era is to be more proactive,
People are rather occupied in behaving reactive!

While bidding adieu, who will shed a tear from the eye?
No one really cares whether individuals live or die.

Do we care enough?

What is in the name?

Who will take the blame?

Not blaming anybody but self
Step up! Speak Out!

Out of guilt will spring curative actions,
May be THEN we will care enough!

Because we are not apes,
we can certainly fight exploitation & rapes.

We were better as apes,
No exploitation no rapes!

-By Karishma


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