Rytasha Rathore on Self-love, Sexuality & Body Positivity

“Being attractive doesn’t only mean looking a certain way.” 

The world and media are saturated with conformitive beauty standards. Rytasha Rathore, body positive Actor and Model says there is no one way of looking attractive. She adds “You gotta be attractive inside out and honestly until a person isn’t happy or secure within themselves, I don’t think you can project beauty or confidence that successfully.” Her refreshing take on beauty and self-love radiates positivity that is crucial for every individual to embrace.

“There is so much stigma and shame attach to sex. There is no history of women having sexual autonomy or being given the permission to even explore their own bodies or understand female pleasure.”

She was host of The VICE Guide to Sex in India during which she uncovered various stigmas and practices related to sex. Rytasha recognizes that women are forced to repress their sexuality due to stereotypical societal norms. She further adds that a comprehensive sex education will help in eradicating shame and stigmas attached to it.

Watch the video to know more about Rytasha’s journey with self-love and body positivity!


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